To enlighten our residential students towards our regional language Kannada, an initiative was taken to show them a video about Karnataka Ekikarana, on 5th November 2017 in Multimedia hall.  It was really amazing to know the kind of love the junior students from Class IV to Class VIII had towards Kannada language.

Firstly, at around 10 am, they were shown videos about Karnataka Ekirarana and information about Mr. Gangadhar Rao Deshpande, who was the leader of this revolution.  The motivational video about the culture and heritage, the path of development of Kannada language, historical places of Karnataka, Development of Kannada literature and the videos on great people like Kuvempu, Shivaram Karanth, Maasthi Venkatesh Iyengar, Girish Kaarnad who were awarded the prestigious award “Jnana Peeta” for kannada literature made the students very proud to be a Kannadiga.  There were also patriotic songs played related to Kannada Rajyotsava which enlightened great love towards Kannada language in them.  On this presentation, Class VI students had a quiz; VII & VIII students were given an essay writing competition on the topic “Naanu Kannadiga”.  The prizes for the best essays were declared and were given books as reward.  Totally, all students and in charge teachers felt that it was not a day wasted, but a day utilized in the best possible way towards our regional language development.



A residential teacher Mr. Girish opines “I really felt whether students would be impressed by this programme.  But it was amazing to see a positive response from them. Through their active participation, they made me really proud.  As a language teacher I was totally carried away by the way they expressed their thoughts in the form of essay.  Totally, it was very impressive programme which brought forth their love towards Kannada language.


Apeksha M of Class VIII opines that “I am really proud to be a resident of Karnataka which carries such a rich cultural heritage and history.  Actually I had never got such an opportunity in my previous schools.  The videos shown were greatly motivating and informative.  I felt very privileged to avail such an opportunity and it was thrilling experience to express my feelings in the form of essay and win a prize in the form of book.  Totally, I felt such programmes should be conducted in more numbers so that every student would realize their responsibility in the development of our regional language Kannada.

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There’re rare chances, when I’m myself

Because, I just go crazy!

Some people kind’a don’t like it,

But, I can’t help it…. Coz it’s just me!

The wonderful me!!


There at times when I go angry,

That’s when I start a tantrum,

This makes people get annoyed,

But…. That’s the true me!

The wonderful me!!


There at times, when I’m sad,

That’s when I’m as silent as the classroom walls..

And this makes people worry…..

                                                                                About me..

But… that’s just me… the silent me…

The wonderful me!!


Sometimes when I start laughing,

I just cant stop…

When I wonder, why?

Then I realized …. It’s me… just me…

The true soul inside me!







It was a holiday for school on 5th of October 2017 on account of Bhoomi Hunnime and Valmiki Jayanthi.  In a way it was enthusiastically enjoyed by residential students by playing volleyball and kho kho tournaments.  Students were really able to forget everything as they contributed their best team spirit in the games by exhibiting real sportsman spirit. The budding teachers were the judges of the day.  All the budding teachers associated with residential teachers cheered the players and helped in conducting the games.  The prizes were sponsored by the budding teacher Mr. Pradeep from SVYM Mysore (VTTRC) which showed their involvement, love and care towards the students.  Totally the day flew off just like that with wonderful memories.


Budding teacher Ms. Doddamma from SVYM Mysore (VTTRC) opined “It was a new experience for us.  On a festival day playing games and enjoying on the ground was really unique.  We were given responsibility of judging the students performance in Kho Kho and Volleyball games, which was another wonderful experience.  I could observe that the students who were poor in studies exhibited a great show on ground which was really commendable.


Varun T P of Class VIII said that, “I was really scared while playing Volleyball with a strong team.  We tried our best and won second place.  There was a proper guidance provided by the umpire Mr. Ajay.  All our friends and teachers cheered and supported us.  Though I couldn’t reach the net, I made points through my serves, which was really thrilling every time I won a point.  Later we all together watched Kho Kho with my friends and cheered the players.  End of day, we carried good memories in the form of prizes sponsored by Budding teacher Mr. Pradeep”.


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On Account of Dussera celebrations, the residential students got decked up like Dussera idols to make the evening of Vijayadashami a colourful one.  The cultural evening was organized on 30th September 2017.  The fact was that the cultural committee had instructed the students to organize and come up with the programme list just two days before with an intention not to distract them from studies due to exams.  But the students themselves came up with their plan of programmes.  The juniors worked under the guidance of the seniors and made the programme a grand success.

The programme presided by the Warden Mr. Sunil started at around 8pm.  The audiences were the students along with teaching and non teaching residential staff.    Totally it was a commendable organization of programme by the students.


Mrs. Kalpana, a residential teacher says “I was really dumbstruck at their performance.  Being a cultural committee member of Hongirana residential school, I know how it feels when one is asked to perform without any prior notice or sufficient time to practice.  We actually did not reveal them anything about cultural programme till the ‘n’th moment as the committee felt that the students would get distracted and would not perform well in their exams.  To my astonishment within one evening the programme list was in our hands with exact time of each performance.  Student’s performance was really a mind blowing one.  All the senior boys and girls had tried to guide the juniors.  A few programmes were very spontaneous and independent.  Totally it was a wonderful evening and a very memorable Dussera celebration to be precise”.


Akshay Kumar Hegde of Class VIII opined as “It was a wonderful cultural programme.  The cultural activities were theme oriented which made me understand some facts about current burning issues like drugs menace, superstitions and blind beliefs etc. We also had lot of fun as a few programmes were humorous as well.  Totally I would like to appreciate my friends efforts in presenting the show as it went on very well within a short notice, without prior practice”.

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A day before Vijayadashami was an amazing outing experience for the residential students in Hongirana.  It was a thrilling experience of playing in the water falls called Nipli on the outskirts of Siddapur taluk near Talaguppa.  It was scheduled on 29th of September 2017.

The troupe of 169 students along with the residential teachers as escorts, started off at 10 am and reached the falls by 11.30.  Firstly, the troupe was divided into two groups.   The beautiful part of the backwaters was enjoyed by the first troupe and the other troupe enjoyed a small water fall down the stream. It was the safest place for the children to play in water. And swimmers could venture deep into the backwater; non swimmers could also play without any issues till a safer distance. It was a wonderful place for all the categories including teachers as they could play in water without any hazel.  To sum up it was thoroughly enjoyed by children and all of them reached the campus with a cheerful mood.


Ms. Vinitha, a residential dance teacher opined, “It was a superb and safe place for the children as well as the teachers to play in water.   The backwater of Nipli is an amazing place to enjoy in water because even non-swimmers feel safe there.  People who used to fear waters also enjoyed whole heartedly.  Such outings give children a great relief from their day to day chores and refresh their mind.  Added point to this was that it was immediately after exam which was a great relief for them”.


Gagana Manjula of Class VIII said that, “It was a very good experience as I had never been to such a wonderful place like Nipli before.  It was real fun to play in water with my friends.  It is such a safe place to play that even a non-swimmer could venture in and enjoy thoroughly playing in water independently.  Totally its one of the cherish able moments”.

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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”


To channelize the enthusiasm of the students, a wonderful day long educational trip was organized by the institution on 8th October 2017 with 63 students of Class VII accompanied by 5 escort teachers.


The venue chosen for this was an amazing antiques museum “Amulyashodha” which is located in Lakkinakoppa on the N R Pura Road about 90 Km away from the school campus.


The founder of the museum Mr. Khandobha Rao is a retired history lecturer of Shimoga.  He has a great passion towards collection of unique and traditional ancient antiques.  The museum is divided into 2 sections “Amulyashodha” and “Nenapu”.  It is housed with great collection of Ravi Varma’s paintings, thousands of ancient coins, musical instruments of various kinds, gramophones, weapons etc.  One could also find pots, pans, sickles and other house hold articles that give a picture of the domestic life of the ancient people.  It was a fascinating sight to see the museum and the progress of man through the ages.


This trip helped the students to develop their personality since social graces and etiquettes are learned by experience.  Moreover, it is important to every student to know about the past history, since it is a part of their curriculum, to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure.  Mr. Kandobha Rao also gave justice through his speech by providing valuable information about the coins and the civilizations that developed in our country.


In the end it must be said that the museum is well worth a visit.  A day spent in it is not a day wasted, but a day utilized in the best possible way is valuable.

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“A Field Trip is what we are passionate about how experiential-learning programs strengthen education. We work hard to bring important lessons to life for students of all ages by way of field trips”.


In correlation to the above,  Hongirana had organized a field trip to Kuvempu Prathistana at Kuppalli near Thirthahalli on 8th October 2017 to give a thorough knowledge of our National Poet K V Puttappa for class VIII.  Also this educational field trip had a motto of highlighting how nature influences an individual’s life and to study about the importance of sources of history.

105 Students along with 6 escort teachers reached Kuppalli at 11am with great enthusiasm.   First the students were taken to “Kavi Mane” which is a peaceful abode, a Museum and treasury of the great poet’s literary work and house hold articles.  The house is preserved like a monument by Kuvempu Prathistana as it is an evidence of the simplicity of the great poet.

“Kavishaila” being one of the favourite spots of the poet is another significant place where he  used to spend most of his time writing poetries, enjoying the beauty of Sahyadri Hills. Later, the students were taken to Hemangana, which is a centenary building constructed in the fond memory of Kuvempu.  The students were shown the art gallery of Purna Chandra Tejasvi, the elder son of the National Poet.  The students also enjoyed a Documentary movie picturised on the life History of Kuvempu.

Later they were taken to Sibbala Gudda which also was one of the favourite spot of the poet.  This place inspired him in writing one of the famous poems related to the bird’s fly which he compared it to the signature of the god on nature.  Here, students enjoyed feeding the fishes found in Tunga river.

End of day, the students were given an integrated project of Kannada, English, Science, Social and Maths related to this educational trip.  The students observed the nature and available resources keenly and collected the information about the topic related to the integrated project. Totally, it was like all were in an entirely different world and different century where the utensils and household articles of the god gifted poet were made out of stone and wood.  The wood carvings of the door and pillar of the house were amazing and students felt that it was a wonderful experience.


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