Stepping Ahead………New journey …..!!

Every child dreams, unaware of responsibility it brings! Even we have dreams, aspiration and wishes to be something or the other whom society admires… Then to say, it is very easy to dream…Dreams can be anything impossible and sometimes if those dreams make all path to move ahead, they bring possibility too…

Friends, we are stepping ahead leaving behind a part of life with experience, experiment and expectation. Sometimes it seems to us, the road has ended up but still the truth whispers. “The journey has not yet reached the end”. Now it’s our responsibility to decorate our destiny with desirable altitude. Yes we have grown responsible now… We are taught to fly; it’s our work to reach the prey. It feels as if everything has been natural. But just peep back into your childhood days, it doesn’t feel natural; it brings a feeling of magic. We just feel all those silly thoughts of ours in childhood days, we had it just yesterday or the day before still the sense of innocence and immaturity brings up the sprinkles of joy.

Now thinking about the “future” the most unpredictable journey of adventures, for once shiver! Because, the world ahead expects many objectives from us. Education, altitude, leadership and sometimes ‘bribes’ too… We are with the thoughts of such by listening to our elders and their experience. We really feel inverted when we imagine a situation, where we sit to learn with all the strangers, lecturers teach and our mouth closed. There comes a doubt thirsting into our head. Not daring to question. Speaks to one or two but miss the old once too… It really seems to me that I am falling off Jog Fall. But there is no other choice. We must go on… whatever it is… we must go on …

And at present! We are half murdered with others expectations, other half by our anxiety. It really aches to depart from our friend with whom we have shared all those things that we usually hide from the world around! But still as again by law of nature we must go on… with all our dreams, aspirations and wishes…. We must go on…. With the determination, plan, thoughts and so the actions….

Here we are still dreaming like kids unaware of the responsibility it brings!


–       Akshubhitha.S.V     10th ‘B’


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