“A Finite world can support a finite population, therefore population growth must eventually equal zero”.                                                                         GARRETT HARDIN

The above concept was the core idea of the Middle Section of Hongirana.  Hence, it observed World Population Day on Monday 11th July 2016 and scheduled a small awareness programme about the impact of population.

The programme commenced at 10.00 am.  Mrs. Rajashree – HM Middle Section, Mr Sridhar Hegde, one of the parent of our student and Mr. Niranjan Murthy, the Chief Administrative Officer of LIC as  resource person were the dignitaries on the dais.

Mr Niranjan Murthy, who is a good orator and is having profound knowledge on the issue of population, gave an effective awareness talk about the world population day.  It was an interactive session where he elaborately discussed about how competitive each one should be to utilize the available resources effectively.   He created awareness among students about utilizing the capacity and capabilities of the people productively.  In conclusion, he stressed on personal development which is the only way for an individual to become a resource to the country for its development.

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