Stories live in your blood and bones, follow the seasons and lights candles in the darkest night – every story teller knows she or he is also a teacher.                                                                          BY PATTI DAVIS

The above quote was proved by a well known resource person Mr Balasubramanya who devoted his 42 years of service in various fields of education, theatre and literature.  The Middle Section of Hongirana had scheduled a session by him to Class VI, VII and VIII.  The students were lured by Mr Balasubramanya’s story telling talent with voice modulation, humour, body language by using child friendly language.  The students enthusiastically enjoyed his session involving themselves in giving titles to the stories he narrated.


Later a workshop was organized for teachers in the afternoon.  He reiterated the above quote and elaborated that a student can be attracted towards learning by telling him/her stories related to the topic.  Stories can also be of “Cook and serve hot” nature where students take part in building the story. The main take away for a teacher from this session was that he/she can link story building and dramatization skills  to their Classroom teaching, so that learning becomes joyful.

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