School age is the perfect time for children to learn about healthy food.  This is the time they start a busy social life.  Children of this age learn quickly and are also influenced by their friends and popular trends. Children need a wide variety of foods for a well balanced diet.  A healthy morning snack at recess and one after school are usually needed each day.

We have conducted class room party for class 4th students on 27th Wednesday  as a part of  the lesson “ The Classroom Party”.  Our intention of conducting this activity is to help the children  develop awareness about food and nutrients, the sense of sharing and the variety in food items.

Our intention is that children who give presentation on particular food item and recipe also develop presentation skill and confidence along with concept clarity.

The guest for the function was Mrs. Vanitha. Nadig. She spoke on good habits related to food items. The students were impressed by her talk.

Click here to view the album


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