16 th June 2016



It was a misty morning on a cold day. The alarm clock rang out and I woke up. I got ready for

school and came outside. In the mist, the hills looked mysterious and haunted me little,

but, incredibly attractive. The street was shrouded in fog. I walked along the damp road and

reached the bus stop. Little by little the mist started to dissolve. Slowly my eyes started

catching the details following the rhythm of the mist. Somehow, for once, my sight was driven

by the rhythm of nature. It was a muffled atmosphere. It reminded me of  Bhagamandala in

Madikeri on a foggy November day. The bus arrived  and I got into it and went to school.

The school started with an assembly which was as common as every day. After first two periods, the bell

Rang and I came out of my classroom as it was leisure time. I was shocked to see the sunny

weather which was dead opposite to the weather in the morning. The lunch hour passed off and

then there was social studies period. It was a good class for us after the lunch hour. Then it was the

computer period which was the first lab period for us; it was really interesting. Then there was

Kannada and Science periods which passed quickly with interesting concepts. I came back

home by bus.

When I came home, it was a pleasant surprise for me to see my granny who

came just before me. Then as usual I did my homework. There was still time for me to relax.

So I sat in front of my house and felt the soft gentle caress of breeze on my face. The breeze

was simply beautiful. The little garden beside my house was filled with the things of nature. Little

bees, butterflies and other insects flew around the flowers in search of food. The flowers

themselves were with bright colours with every possible combination of colours. I feasted my eyes

with this wonderful scene of immense activity and again witnessed the beauty of nature’s

innumerable wonders. Then I had dinner and slept at 10.00pm.




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