“KALAANUSANDHAANA”, a workshop for high school students had been organized on 13th August, 2016 in the school premises.  The main intention of the workshop is to promote cultural friendly learning environment for the children.  It is also intended to facilitate understanding and collaboration of the various cultural forms.

Workshop Structure for Class X

  • A brief introduction of makeup and demonstration of doing different types of make up (MAKE UP SESSION)
  • A brief introduction of revolutionary songs, their relevance in the present social set up and demonstration (REVOLUTIONARY SONGS – KRANTI GEETEGALU)
  • Briefing on the ways of writing reports with a practical session on report writing

Workshop Structure for Class IX

  • Briefing about the history of puppetry, types of puppetry, making of puppets and the show through visual media (AN INTRODUCTION TO PUPPET SHOW)
  • A brief introduction about different types of folk art forms with a demo (A KNOW HOW ABOUT FOLK ART FORMS)
  • Learning the basic skills in drawing (ART IN ITS BEST)


Each workshop was of two hours and thirty minutes duration.  A group of students attended them on rotation basis.


Resource Person  :  Mr. Gurumurthy, Varadamoola – a theatre person with an expertise in the art of make up

Materials  :  Essential colours, crape hair, SR gum, oil and other required things

In this session Mr. Gurumurthy Varadamoola exhibited certain simple methods that can be followed in the art of ‘makeup’. He showed the method of applying lipstick, transforming a boy’s appearance into a girl’s appearance, ways of showing a young one as an old one …….etc. As the school gives scope for cultural openings, the make up session proved very useful for the students to deck themselves on different occasions.


Resource Person  :  Mr. Vasantha Kugve – a man with a lot of social concern, a folk artist with a theatre background

Materials  :  Tamate and other leather percussions

Vasanta Kugve a well known folk artist mesmerized the children with his knowledge on ‘Revolutionary Songs’. He educated the children regarding the importance of those songs which spread the awareness of freedom among common people. Throughout the session, he sang many songs giving their background and also meaning, with full life and energy.  He made the students sing a few of the songs with its own beautiful rhythm.


Click here to view the album


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