Keeping in view that their stay away from home should enable them to gain knowledge, life skills and values and empower them to lead life fruitfully and meaningfully, the activities for the month of July have been planned well.

On account of Ramzaan the school declared holiday on 6th & 7th of July.  Hence a Volleyball Match had been organized for the hostellers.    The students of Class V to VIII were the spectators who witnessed the thrilling match between the teams of IX to Class II PU.  There were separate matches for both boys and girls.  The match was incredible and children had a lot of fun cheering the players.

To inculcate interest in newspaper reading and to make the students understand the benefits of reading them, a Paper Article Presentation was organized on 17th July for students of classes IX to PU.  This co-curricular activity generated a lot of interest among them.  Boys and girls of all the classes were divided into 10 groups.  They were given paper cuttings of several newspaper articles to work upon.  They were asked to talk about their favourite topic within the stipulated time, after going through the articles.  The children enthusiastically took part in it and presented their talk about the topic they chose. This gave them a chance to work as a team which developed their inter-personal skills.  Most of them expressed that they gained self confidence when they were given a chance to address the gathering.  Overall, the students felt very jubilant about the activity.  As they chose Kannada presentation this time, they insisted to conduct this activity once in English.

At the same time, Fun with Math and English sessions were organized for Class V to VIII by our school teachers, Mrs Priya Gujjar and Mrs.Mamatha Bhagi.  Mrs. Priya spoke about how important it is to learn English Language in this competitive world.   Mrs. Mamatha made Math a loving subject by making them play fun games related to math.  Children had great fun.

A Motivational talk was organized for Class IX to II PU on 24th July 2016.  Mr Sandeep Shetty of High School section gave valuable information about how important education is in our life.  He showed a few video clippings on how differently-abled people were able to achieve a lot in their life.  He also spoke about how this residential set up will add on value to their life providing them life skills.  ( Click here to view the album )

On 31st of July, Paper Article Presentation was organized for Class V to Class VIII.  Here the children enjoyed the activity by working in groups.  The objectives of the activity were to enhance team spirit, self confidence  and the art of speaking among children.  The outcome was that the children felt very confident in presenting their articles.  They were extremely happy to work in groups and present the topic of their interest.



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