Hongirana Institution is a shrine of creative learning situated amidst the bountiful nature of Malnad.  Students who love creative learning blended with life skills and adventure prefer to be a part of this family and nestle up in this peaceful abode of nature.  The upgraded residential infrastructure and introduction of swimming in the beautiful pond of nearby area have been an added attraction this year.

The academic session of 2016-17 for Class V to II PU except I PU commenced from 31st May 2016.  An outing to Hosagunda was organized for hostel students from Class V to Class VIII.  The students learnt a lot about the nature in Hosagunda while trekking all the way amidst the thick forest.  There were number of trees which were older than 400 years which stood majestically on the way attracting the attention of the students.  A lot of inscriptions of the Kings who ruled over the place some innumerable years ago were also found.   The students got to know about the medicinal plants and their uses as Hosagunda has been rich in medicinal plants. Ancient Uma Maheshwara Temple was another place of attraction to them where they had delicious prasaadam as their afternoon meal. Totally children had a good Sunday outing getting immersed in the beauty of nature.

On 12th June 2016, students of class IX, X & II PUC have been taken for trekking to Ammanaghatta forest area.  The children were allowed to play in water on the way which relaxed them after a long way of trekking.  Later they were taken to Jenukallu Temple.  The temple was ‘a mess’ due to the fair that had taken place in the recent past.  After having the food that they had packed from the hostel kitchen, the children enthusiastically cleaned the campus of the Temple as a part of Swach Bharath Abhiyaan, a social responsibility. ( Click here to view the album )

The classes for I PU commenced from 15th June 2016.  The I PU students were taken on an outing to Shree Kshethra Varadahalli which was another amazing experience for the children.  They were taken to Shridhara Ashram which is a peaceful shrine of Shree Shridhar Swamiji.  The children had their food in the ashram and went to another historical place Ikkeri which was ruled by a great warrior Shivappa Nayaka.  On the way back to Hongirana, the students were taken to Varadamoola, which is the origin of River Varada. The peacefulness of Varadahalli, the architectural splendour of Ikkeri and the blissfulness of Varadamoola had a strong impact on the minds of I PU hostel students.


One of the major events that takes place very year is the Hostel Election.    It is quite similar to our General Assembly Election. We got the nominations from the interested students who have leadership qualities. The positions were of Hostel President, Mess leader, Sports Leader, CCA (Co-curricular Activity) Leader and Dormitory Leader.  The entire campus filled with the noise of canvassing by the students supporting their favourite leaders before the election.

Finally we got the ballet paper printed.  26thJune 2016 was the day of election.  All the students cast their vote to their favourite leaders and by afternoon the counting started.   By 2.00pm the result was declared and students cheered their elected leaders enthusiastically.  An Oath was taken by the elected students in the presence of Hostel Warden accompanied with Hostel teachers.


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