Residential students of Class V to VIII were given an opportunity to exhibit their art and drawing skills.  A drawing competition was organised for the above students to put  their imagination on paper on 19 June, 2016.  The students participated in great enthusiasm as Hongirana is in the cradle of beautiful nature.   Their imagination went  wild when they sat under the trees of Hongirana College campus and in and around Kalaalaya, the drawing arena.   Later three beautiful paintings were chosen by our art teacher and felicitated them with new drawing books so that they make the best use of it.

Student’s Opinion

Shamanth of Class VII opines “we were given wonderful opportunity to draw our imagination and colour the same under trees and in and around Kalaalaya.  That was an amazing experience and a wonderful pass time”. 

Teacher’s Opinion

Ms Rajani said “Students enjoyed a great deal in painting and drawing their own creations in this tranquil atmosphere.  As we made them sit in the open atmosphere, students were inspired by the beauty of the nature in and around and participated  whole heartedly”.

Click here to view the album


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