Career guidance

Career guidance is one such area which is almost neglected in the Indian education system. Each and every child needs the suggestion of an experienced one to shape its life. But a common person can think of its future only by thinking about his surroundings. Hence an expert is needed to guide the child. Unfortunately though it was advised in the education department to open a ‘career guidance and counseling cell’ in each high school, everywhere it is neglected. But being special in each and every step of education, Hongirana cannot do this mistake. For this reason, it organized a session for class 10th students and their parents on ‘What Next After 10th?’

It is true that with changed circumstances parents’ involvement in the education is increasing day by day. So it is also important to help even the parents to solve the problem of choice that they face when their child finishes class 10th, which is a very important phase of one’s life. Hence they were also invited for this session.

It was organized on 10th of September in the school campus. Mr.Rajesh was the resource person. He discussed about a number of opportunities which are available in the present marketing economy. According to him “generally everyone wants to go for job oriented courses, but equal opportunity is there even for self employment”. To stress this point he even gave the examples of a number of achievers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Mukul Gandhi, Munna Javeri etc. Through his speech he clarified one thing that, studying is not just to get jobs in good companies; it is also possible to lead a respectable life with self employment.

After the session all the participants left the place by thanking both the organizer and the resource person for giving enormous information and for guiding them to select a better way for their life which they could not get even if they searched in hundreds of different sources. Hence one could say that this programme served the purpose.

Opinion of the participants:

After the session when I asked some parents I came to know that, it was really a fruitful session for them. One among them told that, he never thought of all those opportunities which are waiting for his son. Because he was just thinking of usual courses which are selected by the mass. Many parents opined that, more than the everyday classroom activities, these types of sessions are useful for both children

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