Teacher is a life-long learner. The teaching fraternity has to keep abreast with the ever changing technology and the mind-set of the students, thereby keeping this in view Hongirana Resource Centre has organized mathematics workshop 27th and 28th, September, 2016.

It is said that mathematics makes our life orderly and prevent chaos. Certain qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem solving ability and even effective communication skills.

In India’s history and no less in the history of other civilizations, mathematics stands forth as that which unites and mediates between man and nature, inner and outer world, thought and perception.

We believe effective math education requires sound instructional methods, solid grasp of the subject and expertise with well-designed materials.

Now a day’s teacher can’t rely on simply teaching students a formula to answer math problems. There is a need to help students learn the mathematical concepts at varying paces as not all students can master a deep understanding at the same time. Understanding this “calling” of teachers, this workshop has been designed to enable them to teach mathematics more effectively using appropriate ways.

A mathematics workshop for teachers is essential as to enable them to make their students to not only be literate in mathematical comprehension, but be skilled in mathematics as well. Mathematics has rightfully become a staple in our educational system even though it is not appreciated by many people until it is needed.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage the teachers to broaden their outlook and enhance the method of imparting knowledge keeping in mind the change in demands of the students of the present generation and keeping pace with active persona and easy access to the development of the latest technology. This workshop should help the teachers to make their students become open to learning Mathematics and develop an affinity for mathematical thinking. Click here to view the album

Ambika Patil

Head of Hongirana Ind PU College




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