September is the month of tests and exams.  Extra effort has to be put in studies for better performance.  Hence, there’s rigorous preparation for the exam by the students.  In between their studies, the students of Classes V to VIII have been trained by Mr. Niranjana, drama teacher and Ms. Draupadi, the dance teacher.

It was a well organized in house programme of 45 minutes witnessed by all hostel inmates.  The programme began with a prayer by Baby Deepa followed by a folk dance, a group song, a choreography dance, another group song and a 20 minutes play Sethuve, depicting the struggle of labour class approximately around 1960 about the issue of constructing a bridge from Ambargodlu to Tumari, Sagara.   The noble theme of this drama was to depict the then prevailing  social evils like poverty, illiteracy and exploitation of labour class in our society. It was a fabulous programme anchored by  Kannada teacher Mr. Sunil.

Hongirana Hostel students get a lot of life building and value developing activities along with their regular academics.

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