October 1st and 2nd was a very remarkable day as far as Hongirana was concerned as a versatile music director Mr B V Venkatesh was there with Hongirana family.  A Music Workshop “Ninaad” was organized in Hongirana in which a couple of other school students were also invited to take part.  The proficient Music Director mesmerized our day scholars, hostellers and those other school students with his wonderful vocal power and taught a few fantastic songs.   It was an amazing experience for everybody who was a part of this programme. Click here to view the album

At the same time, a Drawing competition was organized for Class IX & X.  Students who were interested in Drawing took part in this programme while those who were interested in music took part in Music Workshop “Ninaad”.  The theme was to draw any portrait reflecting the nature.  Students had portrayed amazing art on paper within 2 hours.    The most brilliant ones were selected class-wise and were given prizes.


Vishal S R of Class X says that “Firstly I felt little lethargic in taking part but later when I got to know about the theme, I was thrilled and portrayed a wonderful nature on paper, for which I got 1st prize.  I wish to see more and more of these kind of competitions in coming days.”


Mr Shivaraj opines as “I saw lot of enthusiasm in children while they were taking part in this competition.  A few of them had no interest, but when they saw others drawing, even they developed zeal to draw and participated in good spirit”.




As a part of refreshment to children after a long exam schedule, the students of Class V to X were taken out to one of the famous pilgrims Shringeri Sharada Peeta on 9th of October, 2016.  12 hostel teachers accompanied the students as escorts.

They left the campus at around 8am in the morning with great spirit.    As it was Navarathri and especially Durgashtami, being one of the Shaktipeetas in Karnataka, Shringeri Sharada Peeta was well decorated.  Amidst divinity, the majestic flow of river Tungabhadra gave children a great soothing relief.


Sathvik A S of Class IX opines “It was ultimate due to Navarathri decorations.  We enjoyed watching fishes in river Tungabhadra.   Tapovana was a very peaceful garden, totally it was very refresher after exams”.


Mr Veeresh said that “Students enjoyed the most travelling to Shringeri.  It was very refreshing for students.  Though it was a long tiresome journey, students felt very relaxed after entering the shrine and felt comforted watching fishes in water”.




On 10th of October 2016, there was an essay writing competition arranged for students of Class Ix & X, about the current Kaveri Issue.  The topic was about “River Kaveri – for Karnataka or for Tamil Nadu”. The students felt energetic about the topic as they had read a lot about it in Newspapers.  Choice was given to children either to choose Kannada or English.  Later students were given opportunity to review about the topic and speak about their opinion.  Most of the students felt that Right on Kaveri river lies with Kannadigas.  A couple of them opined that the concerned authorities should talk about the issue peacefully and take suitable decision instead of following violence and destroying the public property which is a national waste.  Totally it was an informative session for children as each and everybody felt that it was a good platform to put forth their opinion.


Akash H A of Class X said, “As it was an ongoing issue of River Kaveri, we felt that we had an opportunity to churn out our thoughts and express our views about the current affair”.


Mr Adarsh K B said that “Students felt enthusiastic in expressing their views about the hot issue and gave their remarks when they were asked to review it.  It was amazing to hear and know how matured their thoughts were”.

At around the same time a motivational video was telecasted for Class V to VIII.  It was around the topic “Swach Bharath Abhiyaan” and “Importance of food”.  It was an eye opener for those children who waste food without a second thought.  Students felt that it was really touching and also said that they would try to keep their surroundings clean and never waste food and water as they understood their value while watching videos.


Venkatesh E of Class VIII said “It created awareness in us about the difficulty the farmers face in growing crops and we take just a few seconds in wasting food.  Also we got motivated about keeping our surroundings clean when we watched a video in which a blind woman uses a dustbin, but we with all our senses throw litters here and there.  Here, we felt that we shouldn’t waste food and took a decision to use dustbin henceforth”.


Mrs Mamata of Hostel said that “Students got the Life skills & moral values about wastage of food and difficulties of farmers in growing them.  Also they got awareness about Swach Bharath Abiyan and understood their responsibilities”.

A motivational talk was arranged for residential students on 16th October 2016, by Mr Navaeen, Lecturer in English, about the Responsibilities of each individual as a student and as a child to the society he/she lives in.  He said that they have to work hard, achieve their individual goals and make their parents happy which is their primary responsibility.  This in house activity was  for about 2 Hrs was for Class IX and X, in which in the later part of the motivational talk session, Mr Naveen gave a poetry and asked every student to express his/her perception about it. This was really a productive exercise for the students in which they took part in full zeal.


Sowmya B N of Class X opined “it was one of the eye opening motivational talk for us where Naveen Sir made us understand our duties and responsibilities towards society and parents.  We enjoyed even reading the poem and spoke about our perception about it.


Mr Sunil said that, “Mr Naveen elicited what were their primary responsibilities, and he also asked what would be the students response, when the parents come to take the report of their progress.  Later highlighted the pains that a parent undertakes especially mother who endures lot of pain to bring the child into this earth and the kind of patience that a father exhibits when it comes his responsibilities.  A few children literally felt very emotional and were in tears realizing their lethargic nature in giving a blunt answer will do good in next exam.  Totally it was a very touching programme”.

On the same day Mrs Nalina, a senior teacher from Primary Section gave a motivational talk for students of Class V to VIII.  First of all she stressed on the point that every individual needs to have his/her goals set ahead in life.  And restated how important it is to work hard to reach their goals. A video clipping was shown about the person who worked hard studiously gets appointed as the Principal of the college and the person who was lethargic works as a peon under him.  This helped the students becoming studious about their studies.  She highlighted that even a physically challenged person can achieve greater things in life and questioned children what were they waiting for then.


Souradithya of Class VI expressed his heart felt feelings and said “We all understood that we should have a goal in life in first and foremost place.  As per video it was very clear that there is ‘n’ number of opportunities to reach the goal.  And it becomes easy once we choose the right path amongst them.



Mr Veeresh says that “Students realized that by hard work they can achieve more in life.  Also video shown highlighted the right team spirit also produces good results.  It was a real virtual programme of the day for the students”.



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