Visit to Neernalli

Imparting the real life experience is need of the present day teaching-learning process. But giving real life experience in all the aspects inside the classroom is impossible. Hence an educational trip was organized for class X children on 26th  October 2016  to Sirsi where they were able to know many things like Dairy farming, agriculture, use of machineries in day-today life etc.

In the morning we visited a dairy farm in Neernalli near Sirsi. It belonged to Mrs. Veda Hegde. There our children came to know about the diseases of cows, their yielding, food habits, insemination procedures, importance of cleanliness, use of a number of agricultural machineries in milking and cleaning, Bio Gas Plant etc.  Students could see Seventy cattle; together they produce nearly six hundred liters of milk per day. It was such an impressive visit that most of the children actively participated in the discussion.

Later in the day they visited a Rock Garden ‘Shalmali Vana’ where one could see the sculptures of different animals, life style of tribal people, beauty of Nature etc. every visitor was appreciating the imagination which created that garden.

To end the trip and to give a little more fun in the trip, we took the children to ‘Sahasralinnga’ where they played a while in the water and got the experience of walking on a rope bridge.

Finally it is true that this trip served the children in different ways. It was the complete blending of knowledge and pleasure. Hence after the trip they are asked to prepare an integrated project on dairy farming.

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