Middle Section Field Trips

                         AMULYASHODHA – TREASURE OF ANTIQUES


“History is the witness that testifies the passing of the time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity.”

In this era of globalization a good education is very important for each one of us in order to have a successful future.  As a part of learning, an educational trip was organized by our institution for Class VII on 12th October 2016, to stimulate learning beyond the textbook.

The students were escorted by concerned teachers to Amulyashodha, a museum, which is built in the middle of an amazing green space on N.R. Pura Road, about 15kms from Shimoga. Mr. Khandobarao, a retired history lecturer of Shimoga, established the Amulyashodha Museum in fond remembrance of his wife Yashodha.  The museum houses a variety of ancient coins, bronze vessels, swords, wooden musical instruments, weapons, lanterns etc.  This educational trip was the source of an integrated project for the students.  Hence, the students keenly observed and studied the sources available and well equipped themselves with the information required for the project.  Also the talk of the able orator Mr Khandobarao was very informative for them.

The aim of this field trip was to provide an experiential learning, knowledge of ancient artifacts, preserved culture and tradition of our country. Totally, the students had a taste of history with a panoramic view of Amulyashodha Museum and understood that museums are the mirrors of our rich culture and heritage.

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“Nothing beats an exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning.  The magic of a field trip isn’t just the subject.  It’s the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s minds to new things”.

As a part of learning, a field trip to Kuvempu Prathistana at Kuppalli near Thirthahalli was organized on 12th October 2016 to give a thorough knowledge of our National Poet K V Puttappa for class VIII. Also this educational field trip had a motto of highlighting how nature influences an individual’s life and to study about the importance of sources of history.

As per schedule, students along with teachers reached Kuppalli at 11am with great fervour.   First they were taken to “Kavi Mane” which is a peaceful abode, Museum and treasury of the great poet’s literary work and house hold articles.  The house is preserved like a monument by Kuvempu Prathistana as it is an evidence of the simplicity of the poet.

“Kavishaila” is another significant place where the poet used to spend most of his time writing poetries.  And also it is the tomb of the poet as it was one of his favourite places when he was alive.

Students were given an integrated project of Kannada, English, Science, Social and Maths related to this educational trip.  The students observed the nature and available resources keenly and collected the information about the topic related to the integrated project. Totally it was like all were in an entirely different world and different century where the utensils and household articles of the god gifted poet were made out of stone and wood.  The wood carvings of the door and pillar of the house were amazing and students felt that it was a wonderful experience.

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                                         KELADI – AN EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIP


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Native American Proverb

Every step of human requires a strong base of history only then it will lead to progress.  Based on such archeological researches, various new inventions take birth.  To strengthen the knowledge of history by studying various historical monuments the institution had organized a field trip to Keladi for Class VI on 12th of October 2016.

The students were escorted by concerned teachers on the scheduled time and reached Keladi at around 9.30 am.  Keladi is one of the historical places, where one can find lot of sources of history in the form of monuments.  The great monument of Keladi is Rameshwara temple which has got lot of inscriptions and artistic carvings on the walls of temple which tells the spectator a lot of stories about Keladi.  It also reflects the rich culture and heritage of the ancient rulers of Keladi.  Shivappa Nayaka is one of the famous rulers of Keladi.  The Keladi museum and historical research centre was one of the main attractions for our students as they enjoyed a lot by probing into the past.   To conclude with, it was an informative journey of kids into the past and connects it to the present.

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