Awareness of Criminal Justice system

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere”

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Ignorance of law has no excuse.  Whoever one may be, one should be knowing laws because Law and order is the main essence of peaceful life on earth.  As a part of curriculum in Social Science, a special talk was organized for class VIII on the topic “Criminal Justice System” on 10th Jan 2017.  Mr M Raghavendra, senior lawyer, well wisher and one of the parents of our School student, was here as the resource person who delivered the talk with great effectiveness to educate the students about Justice System.


Firstly, he started his talk by giving information about the meaning and intention of Law, Ingredients of a crime, and types of offence, charge Sheet, Fair trial, and discussed about Criminal Major Act and Criminal Minor Act.  He discussed the key role of a Judge, Defence Lawyer, Public Prosecutor and Police.  He touched base on all the topics related to criminal justice system and also said that every rule has an exception. Students very interestingly listened to the talk and made a note of all the points that Mr Raghavendra stressed on.  The way he created awareness about the law and order in students especially about IPC, CRPC, Child Labor, Minimum Wages Act, Factories Act, Indian Motors Act, was really commendable.

Finally he restated the fact that “Judicial system depends on doubts and defence evidences”.  Totally, it was very informative and interactive session which gave a lot of information about Criminal Justice System relevant to students.

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