It was a heartfelt pleasurable welcome of New Year 2017 at Hongirana Hostel.  It all started the night of 31st December 2016 where the students were given an opportunity to exhibit their innate talent.  After the special dinner for the day with desserts and sweets, students from all the classes from Class V to II PUC came up with a wide range of cultural programmes and welcomed the New Year with great splendour.  The programme list comprised of skits, dances, songs, fashion show etc.  The fashion show by the girls was unique and commendable because it was the first time that the residential girl students came up with such an amazing show.  The young ones performed skits which had moral values.  The residential teachers also took part in it and motivated the children with their inspiring words.  They also entertained students with melodious songs.  Exactly at 12.00 am there was a camp fire and with a great cheer they all wished each other and retired to their dorms at around 1.00 am merrily.


Faizan Z N of Class VIII said “Institution gave us a wonderful platform to organize the cultural programmes to welcome the New Year.  PU brothers were the masters of the ceremony.  The students of class VI and VII performed skits which had moral values.  Ramp walk and skit by Sisters of PU was really praise worth.  As an outcome, most of us gained confidence over the stage.  We got to know about the hidden talents of each one of us.  This kind of opportunity will enrich us with new experience and creativity.  The dinner was very sumptuous and ultimate.  We all danced around the camp fire heartily and forgot our houses for a moment”.


The warden Mr. Rajesh shared his opinion as “We gave an opportunity to the children to exhibit their talent.  They proved their ability by grabbing the opportunity given.  The students enjoyed the food arrangement to their heart’s content as we had taken special care.  The teaching and other non teaching staff coordinated very well.  Totally it was a memorable event”.

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