Farewell Party

Good byes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end,
They simply mean we will miss u
Until we meet again!!!!!!

It was an incredible day hosted and organized by 1st PU students to bid farewell to 2nd PU students wishing them a great future.
The programme “NENAPIRALI SADA” was held on 04/02/2017 at Glass house of Hongirana Campus. The programme started at 10.00 AM by taking autographs of the 2nd PU students. After welcoming the students, the formal function began with an invocation song sung by Vaibhav Prasad of 1st PU followed by a welcome speech by Nithya of 1st PU . Then our College Principal Mrs.Shobha Ravindra and Head of the College section Mrs.Ambika Patil delivered a few soothing messages to the students. After that some students of 2nd PU shared their experiences at Hongirana. Then the formal function was concluded with Vote of Thanks given by Sharanayya of 1st PU .
As soon as the formal function concluded, there was a slide show of the best moments of students of their Hongirana life. The students and teachers enjoyed watching their photographs which helped them to relive their old memories. Then there were some cultural events followed by Quiz and a few fun games. Token of love and appreciation was given to 2nd PU students by teachers and 1st PU students during mememto distribution ceremony. The students of II PUC carried sweet memories of Hongirana along with them.

click here to view the album


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