Cub and Bul-bul overnight Camp 2016-17

To inculcate self confidence, leadership and the basic of camping skills, the primary section of Hongirana School of Excellence had organized Cub and Bul-bul  over night camp on 2nd and 3rd March 2017 at Besur near Hulidevarabana.

120 students of class 3rd and class 4th along with 9 trained teachers attended this camp.

   Pre- Planning of the camp:- 15 days back, before conducting the camp, 2 teachers with H.M of primary section visited the plot of  Mr. Indudhar Gowda who agreed to host the camp. After the confirmation of the venue, a meeting was conducted and the work schedule has been planned.

  Camp Activities:- That enthusiastic 1st day of the camp began with the flag procedure followed by ring song .  After this, cook without fire followed. Small kids prepared food items enthusiastically.  After the tasty lunch, there was a class about First Aid.   Explanation about first aid with demonstration of First Aid was done.  Cubs and Bul-buls learnt various knottings and different crafts.  Later they started preparing themselves for C.C.A programme. The programme was excellent and was witnessed by our principal and other guests.  After the dinner, the students were taken for night walk in the dark without using torch and they were thrilled.

On 3rd March, the day began with B.P six exercise and kit inspection.  Later Cub-Bul-buls were engaged in different group activities like funny games, hiking and knottings. They enjoyed many action songs enacted by Scout Masters and Guide Captains.

From this camp our small kids learnt how to stay away from home, how to keep their  things,

the values like co-operation,  helping nature, being independent, shouldering responsibilities……


Our  teachers  who attended  the camp opined that it was an awesome experience to be a part of the camp. Students enjoyed and learnt life skills and sharing & caring”.

 Student’s opinion:

Amruthojwal of class 3rd told that it was a new experience for him.  He learnt how to manage himself without his parent.

Adhwika of class 3rd shared that after the night walk she stopped fearing by darkness.

Basavaprasad of class 4th shared that he had a great experience from this camp.

Our parent opined   that it was a well organized camp with efficient teachers by effective activities.

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