Alumni Voice – 01

Hongirana s NOT that kind of typical  institution which are meant for “results” …its a different experience ..and thats why we call it a family..shobha ma’am and team – u ppl doin a great job…thanku ravi sir fr all d love ..

—– Dhruva Bhat ( 2010 ) 

I studied in Hongirana for 9 years. I joined Hongirana from the beginning, which was started with just 52 students. We all have seen the efforts put by Shobha madam and Ravi sir, to provide excellent education in rural area. I’m proud to be the part of Hongirana family.

—– Sumukha Bhagi ( 2012 )

Hongirana ensures all-round development of the student. Students are encouraged to participate in curricular activities like sports, cultural events, adventure camps, field trips, etc.. Of course, that motivation and support from teachers guarantees excellence in academics….

—— Vivek Jadhav ( 2015 )

Hongirana, The place which brought out my inner talent. Which supported me to get back. Which inspired me to fight back. At last I realised it is not a place or not just an education institution.. It’s my family, where there is still care for me.

—– Shravya Sagar ( 2016 )


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