Facilitation by Residential students on First day outing

The residential students were encouraged to present their learning from their first day outing to Kavaledurga and Ramachandra Pura Mutt through various art forms. The day fixed for this was 27th May 2017.  At 3pm, the students were engaged class-wise.  The students of Class IX were handled by residential teachers Ms Vinitha, Mrs Jayashree, Mr Vasudeva and Mrs Mamatha G in Glass House.  The Class X students were engaged by Mrs Shilpa, Mrs. Kalpana, Ms Shilpa and Mr. Pradeep in the Library.  The II PUC students were dealt by Mr. Niranjan, Mr. Adarsh and Ms. Rajani in Kalaalaya.

Each class came up with a different way of presentation.  Class IX took the art form of drawing representation.  Class X took up skit, song and dance.  The II PUC students presented it in the form of art representation where they used (river of life technique) to reflect their learning experience.  They also were asked to imagine themselves in the role of a parent, a teacher and institution.  Further they were asked to present their view (in the form of Validation Technique).

Totally the outcome was commendable as students understood the purpose of the outing and came up with amazing learning like Team Spirit, sharing and caring, confidence, self motivation, history of the fort, value of water, the historical heritage of our state etc.


Niranjan of Class X expressed that “This facilitation done by teachers about the outing was really creative and kept us active throughout.  We were given opportunity to express our learning in the form of art which was very enjoyable.  We enjoyed it performing it through dance and song.  We could realize that the institution is striving hard to give us a learning of life skill through activities like outing.  We thank all the teachers for giving us such an opportunity to express our learning by pondering on the same experience through art form.


Mr. Vasudev opinied that “Children felt as if they were in the hillocks again as they could picturise it through their imagination skills and drawing.  Also the way they were able to build a song and dance on the experience was amazing. They could express their learning very diligently through art forms.  Totally it was a really good attempt of bringing learning of the outing into them through this activity which will remain in their memories for ever and ever”.

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