Hongirana, a unique residential school, has specific plans for the holistic development.  Unlike in cities, children here do not learn about nature in books, instead, they live, interact, enjoy and absorb the goodness and tranquility of the nature in Hongirana.  With this inbuilt quality, the new Academic year at Hongirana Residential School commenced on 14th May 2017 for Classes IX, X and PUC II year.  The students were welcomed with utmost love and compassion.

MAY 2017

A visit to Kavaledurga

To alleviate their mood from school and college atmosphere and make them feel cozy, the Students of Class IX, X and PUC II year were taken for their first day of outing on 21st May 2017 to Kavaledurga also known as Bhuvanagiri.  The fort was built in the 9th century and was renovated in the 14th century by Cheluvarangappa.  It was a strong hold of the Nayakas of Keladi who were the feudatories under the Vijayanagara rulers.  Venkatappa Nayaka (1582 to 1629 AD) fortified the place here.  The fort here has three lines of walls which are constructed of huge granite blocks following the natural contour of the hillock.   It is located 18 km away from Thirthahalli.

The students of Hongirana hostel accompanied with 16 residential teaching and non teaching staff reached the fort at 10 am.  The students enjoyed the trekking of the hillock and ascended it with great fun.  Walking up the cobbled path was not that easy as well! But they exhibited a great sense of challenge and team spirit.  They were lending helping hands to those who were getting exhausted.

At around 1 pm, the students had their lunch amidst the nature in the fort and descended down at 3pm with great learning of the remains of the fortress which told them an interesting tale of its golden history.    Later, the students were taken to Sri Ramachandra Mutt located in Hosanagara which has indulged itself in propagating the Indian cattle breed.  Totally there were more than 32 species of Indian breed cattle. A few of them were in the verge of extinction. Students got to know a lot of information about Indian cattle breed, their goodness and medicinal values from the effective talk of one of the volunteers of the Mutt, Mr Ganapathi Bhat.

Later at 5pm the students along with escort teachers had their snacks and reached the campus merrily at 6.30 pm.

Teacher’s Opinion:

Ms Vinitha, one of the residential teachers opined, “It was an amazing experience for the students and also for the escort teachers who got to know the golden history of Kavaledurga.  The adventurous trekking experience was remarkable.  I could notice the helping nature of the students when they were climbing.  Also the students got educated as to why they have to propagate to rear the Indian breed cattle from the explanation given by Mr Ganapathi Bhat of Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt. Totally I can say that it was an informative outing for children”.

Student’s Opinion:

Nisarga of II PUC commented “Kavaledurga is a very attractive historical place.  It’s really amazing fact to know how the kings of those days built such a strong fortress amidst thick forest of Western Ghats.  And also we could imagine how strong the people were of those ages that they used to climb the tough hillock day in and out.  Each and every pillar and stone was proclaiming the golden history of Kavaledurga.  It’s a classical example for our ancient history.  We could enjoy a lot while climbing the fortress with great team spirit.  Later we were taken to Ramachandrapura Mutt where we could see around 32 species of Indian breed cattle.  We thank Mr Ganapathi Bhat for educating us about the value of Indian breed cattle and their medicinal values. I thank Hongirana family whole heartedly for arranging such a wonderful outing which gave us valuable knowledge about our culture and heritage.”

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