Hongirana Junior Hostellers Talent Show

HONGIRANA always believes in accommodating the new comers to hostel setup.  Hence it evolves innovative ways to engage the students meaningfully.  This year Hongirana planned to arrange a Talent Show giving proper training to the students.  The hostel students from Classes IV to VIII presented a cultural show on 3rd June, 2017 at 8.30pm.  It was a well organized programmed witnessed by the Principal along with other staff and residential students of Hongirana.

The formal function began at 8.30pm with a prayer song followed by a group dance performed by Class VIII boys.  Later the tiny tots of Class VI & VII along with Class VIII performed 2 skits with a message to the audience.  This was followed by a folk dance.   They also sang a devotional song in group.  A song by tiny talent Baby Deepa was commendable as she exhibited great confidence on stage.  Kumara Sharanayya from II PUC also entertained the juniors by performing a dance in western style.  Last but not the least was the action song performed by the teachers and it was witnessed by all with great enjoyment.  Totally the cultural show presented by juniors was a great attempt in creating cheerful atmosphere in the residential set up.


Ritesh of Class VIII felt “It was a great opportunity to exhibit our talent.  We never felt that we were away from home.  Teachers were very friendly and guided us in the cultural programme.  In fact a good bondage developed amongst the residential new comers and old students. I thank Hongirana for making us feel at home in residential set up and for all the support we got from teachers.”


Mrs Kalpana opined “It was a wonderful evening.  We teachers were really amazed to see the performance levels of children on stage with the available limited resources.  A few of them were initially reluctant in participating, but later they became enthusiastic.  We were given to see many talents of residential students that day.  Juniors totally enjoyed in entertaining the seniors and one of the II PUC boys equally entertained them by his dance.  Later students were pleased by the Action song performed by the teachers. The outcome was that the residential students found the teachers approachable and thus developed a positive bondage among teachers and students”.


The junior boys from Class IV to Class VIII were taken for a nature walk on 4th June 2017.  Six residential teachers accompanied them. There were many trees on the way to Ushakirana, a natural forest near Hongirana Campus.  Weather was very dull and cloudy.  But still the students enjoyed nature walk by relishing the Jamun fruits available on the way.  They reached the spot by 11am.  They were engaged in a thematic drawing competition on the surrounding nature as it was the previous day of World Environmental Day.  Students enjoyed with nature by depicting it on the drawing sheets provided and coloured them as per their imagination.  Meanwhile, it started drizzling and at around 12.30pm they were escorted back to school campus.  Totally, students enjoyed bringing out their imagination skills in the open nature on drawing sheets.



Mr Girish said “The students enjoyed drawing competition in the open nature.  Although we advised them not to get drenched in rain while returning, they enjoyed playing in the rain.  In spite of having umbrellas in hand, they were reluctant to use it.  They enjoyed relishing the Jamun fruits to the core.  Totally, it was a kind of refresher for them”.

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