To create awareness among students about Yoga, junior residential students from Class IV to VIII were given an opportunity to understand importance of Yoga in a better way.  The session was led by residential teachers Mrs. Vani, Mrs. Kalpana and Mr. Vasudev.  Mrs Vani gave a kick start to the session by teaching students a couple of verses of Yoga.  Later she quoted about Ashtanga Yoga which includes not only the physical exercise but also a lifestyle associated with some moral ethics of life, like speaking truth, serving the society, having balanced diet, loving your fellow beings, cleanliness, etc.  This was followed by a few videos of Sadhguru.  Later the session was taken over by Mrs Kalpana who discussed about the importance of celebrating International Yoga Day.  Later they discussed about water therapy to cleanse the systems internally by drinking ample water.  Thus totally, the session was fruitful in making the tiny tots understand the importance of Yoga which is our internationally recognized heritage.

Student’s Opinion

Tejas G M of Class VIII said, “We didn’t know anything about Ashtanga Yoga and we understood it very well this day.  We also got to know that Yoga is our contribution to the entire world.  We also got to know that Yoga was practiced in Mysore Palace Grounds by thousands of people on international yoga day.  Vani Mam and Kalpana Mam showed us some interesting videos of Yoga postures.  Adiyogi song by Kailash Kher was really melodious which was played couple of times on our request.  Vani mam also taught us a few verses in Sanskrit.  We were also told the importance of cleansing our body through water therapy.  Drinking water cleanses our systems internally.   Totally it was a wonderful experience as we got to know the real meaning & benefits of Yoga which increases our memory power, concentration and quality of life.”

Teacher’s Opinion

The residential teacher Mrs. Kalpana said, “It was a tricky feel to engage the vibrant brains, make them sit calmly and listen to the talk on yoga.  But my thought was wrong.  They actually reciprocated and interacted very well whenever questions related to health and yoga were asked.  A couple of them also exhibited certain yoga feats.  Mrs. Vani and I were successful in grabbing their attention by discussing certain interesting facts about yoga which is also to do with cleansing of our body internally and externally.  This fascinated children.  The main attraction of the day was the song that we played from Sadhguru’s video about “Adiyogi” sung by well known singer Khailash Kher.  It was totally a meaningful session for them in which they got to know more about Mr. Narendra Modi’s contribution in making the Indian heritage “Yoga” a worldwide talk”.

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