“The only really happy people are those who have learnt to serve” …….by A. Schiweitzer

Hongirana believes in inculcating leadership qualities among the students.  Hence, one of the major events that takes place every year is the Residential School Election.   The procedures are quite similar to our General Assembly Election.  Here interested candidates who have leadership qualities file their nominations.  They do canvassing and then a day will be fixed for election.

This academic year 2017-18, the election was conducted to choose leaders for the positions – Hostel President, Mess leader, Sports Leader, CCA (Co-curricular Activity) Leader and Dormitory Leader.  The interested candidates gave their nominations.   The campus was filled with the noise of canvassing by the students supporting their favourite leaders, a couple of days before the election.

Finally, we got the ballet paper printed.  25thJune, 2017 was chosen as the day of election.  All the students cast their vote to their favourite leaders peacefully and by 12pm the counting started.   The results were declared at 1.00 pm.  The students cheered and celebrated the victory of their elected leaders enthusiastically.

Investiture programme was conducted on 26th June 2017.  At around 7 pm, the formal programme of oath taking began with the honourable Principal Mrs Shobha Ravindra dictating the oath to the elected leaders.  The Principal wished good luck to the leaders along with Hostel Warden Mr Sunil Halethota and all residential teachers.  To sum up, it was a thrilling experience for the students as they felt very responsible in electing leaders.  This ultimately will have a good impact on their real life experience.

Student’s Opinion

Sharath Bhargav of Class IX said, “I felt as if I was taking part in one of the General Assembly elections.  This kind of programmes gives us live experiences of democracy.  Since we have elected leaders, we have faith in our leaders that they will indulge themselves promptly in upholding the name of the institution and also in sorting out our issues at the earliest.  We got to know the entire election procedure right from filing of nominations, canvassing, casting of vote, election booth rules, counting procedure and investiture.  Totally, it helped us in emerging as leaders some day in life which was totally a thrilling feel”.

Teachers Opinion

Mr Vasudev said, “It was totally the democracy of students.  We never involved in any kind of selection process.  Totally all students’ involvement was encouraged and we just remained as supporters for them.  Students filed nominations in good numbers and began canvassing.   On the day of election, we saw how each and every student, be it junior or senior, took responsibility of electing their leader.  We saw the real democratic spirit in children that day.  Students maintained a peaceful environment throughout the election process.   The investiture also was carried forward as per procedure.  Totally our thought of giving them a live experience of voting and election was really successful.”

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