Life is more fun if you play games.  To give such entertainment to the residential students, a Volleyball Tournament was organized on 2nd July 2017 in the school campus.

At around 10.30 am, a formal inauguration match was played by teachers along with Hostel Warden Mr. Sunil Halethota.  Later, match was conducted by dividing the interested students into 5 teams of boys and 2 teams of girls along with 1 teacher’s team.  The junior boys and girls cheered their seniors very enthusiastically.  The teachers also enjoyed equally playing with children.  The rest of the teachers who were spectators cheered the students and supported them throughout.  Totally, there were 7 sets of match played in which the one of the boys teams was successful in defeating the teachers team.  It was an awesome experience to the students as the new comers in the residential jelled up with others and felt very comfortable and homely.   Totally it emerged as a very good stress buster for both the students and the teachers.


Karna of Class X opined that “There was a tough competition between teams as the match was played amongst 6 teams including residential teachers.  The junior boys and girls cheered us throughout the game and it boosted our energy.  Finally we had to face our teacher’s team as well.  They emerged as good competitors to us.  The other teachers who didn’t participate in the game remained as spectators ad supported the students which energized us even more.    The new comers to the institution were also given chance to play, this created oneness amongst us.  We took the victory and defeat with a very sportive spirit and congratulated the winners.  Totally it was a good example for our juniors with respect to team spirit and co-ordination.  I really thank our institution for giving us such an opportunity to come out of our tedious daily schedule”.


Mrs Mamatha, a residential teacher opined “It was an amazing experience to see students playing so enthusiastically.  Volleyball Match being one of their favourite games both students and teachers enjoyed it to the core.  Although it was just organized for entertainment, I could see the real sportsmanship in them.  They played with the teachers also with the same spirit.  The spectators were the junior boys and girls along with a few other residential teachers including me.  The spectators remained continuously energized in cheering the players.  The curiosity prevailed throughout the game and kept us in mystery till the game was concluded.  Totally it was a good entertainment both for the players and the spectators.”

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