Environmental Day

“Environmentlal Day is not a day to plant the plants but it is the day to review the last year achievements and to plan for the next year work related to the environment”. Such were the words of Dr. Kumar V L S, Chief Guest of the programme Environmental Day celebrated on 6th of June. He opined that ‘population explosion’ is the root cause of deforestation. But nowhere in the world we address this issue. So our political system should address this serious matter more effectively. In his speech he also showed some videos on the effect of deforestation. In total, his presentation was very interesting and effective.

In her presidential remarks, Mrs. Saraswathi Nagaraj said that it is our duty to train the present kids to protect the environment. Because they are the next generation. Programme was anchored by Pratheeksha of class 10th, guests were welcomed by Niranjan and vote of thanks was delivered by Namitha of the same class. Mr. Sandeep Shetty has given the foreword.

In the same programme two pairs of 9th children shared the report on the survey which they conducted during holidays related to the effects of deforestation.

Abhishek and Vijith presented their study report on the environmental conditions of the village ‘Melavarige’. They presented that the place which had a good source of water is now facing the problem of proper supply. They started to dig the bore wells in large number and converting the forest area into agricultural land. It is completely destroying the ground water level. With this, not just the people even the animals are also suffering. This deforestation, forest fire, burning the plastic misusing and over using the water creating enormous damage on the environment.

In another presentation Namratha and Keerthana shared their experience. They studied the environment of Bhimanakone in detail. With their survey they come to know that this village is facing the problem of water pollution, air pollution and deforestation. Due to the peoples’ negligence they are washing their cattle, vessels, vehicles near the drinking water sources. It is polluting the drinking water. These villagers are burning the plastic wastages.  They are cutting the trees to build houses and for agriculture purpose. Forest fire is yet another main reason of the area for deforestation. In total due to everyone’s unscientific way of life and carelessness the whole village is facing many environmental problems.

As the whole event was well planned and organized there were no confusions. So the programme served the purpose of the day.

In the afternoon, all the students were taken to a walkathon organized by ‘Sara Foundation’. It was five days walkathon which was conducted to spread awareness among the people regarding the deforestation and environmental pollution. Hongirana Highschool students also joined and gave their support to this great event. It really brought the true meaning for Environmental Day celebration.

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