SANKALPA (Psychometric Assessment Programme)

Two days Psychometric Assessment Programme ‘Sankalpa’ was organised for the students of class IX on 17th and 18th June, 2017. The programme was designed and conducted by three eminent doctors and Clinical Psychiatrists from Aapyam Ayurveda Foundation, Sagar – Dr Niranjan Hegde , Dr Nikhila Hirematt and Dr Shriharsha.

It was mainly organised to know the abilities, skills and interests of students and thereby to help the students to understand themselves and to give assistance in discovering or designing their future. It was a programme aimed to establish connection between students and their life’s challenges, focusing on life skills and aspects of their day to day life relevance.

On 17/06/2017, all the 99 students were interacted personally and separately   by the doctors for 10 to 15 minutes based on the response of the each child to the questionnaire which was given to them one day prior to this. It helped the students to share their learning problems and challenges and the councillors to know the child personally

On 18/06/2017 Morning, there was a separate interactive session for both teachers and the parents in which, the resource persons shared the real need and problems of the students and guided the teachers and parents in attending those issues. They conveyed the fact that, most of the students have received or understood the values only in words and have not internalised it emotionally. During this interactive session, students were engaged in different group activities like topic oriented drawing, pick & act etc. to know their skills & abilities.

In the afternoon, there was a session for students and parents in which students in group gave presentation on their drawing & did theme based skit of 5 to 10 minutes. After each presentation, the doctors shared their observations and motivated the students in adopting needed life skills

The two days’ workshop was a new experiment which helped the students to share their real learning difficulties and also the teachers and the parents in understanding the skills and abilities of the children and guiding them.

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