SPARKLE (In my baby cousins’ eyes)

You caught my eye, when I saw you,

I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

You took my breath away,

You had sparkle in your eyes.

You blew my mind when I saw you,

I was speechless, seeing you flawless,

My heart beat rose when I saw you,

For all you had sparkle in your eyes.


 Losing a friend is

The most powerful

Thing, in the

Whole universe.

It is like- losing a part

Of yourself,

No matter how hard

You try looking for

Them, they keep

Going away, away…..

Thou shall ever be protected

By God, as we are not

Beside them like


Once the trust is

Broken between us,

It can never be

Joined again, again…..


 We walked around the

Park holding hands,

Before I got

Betrayed from her.

We swung on the

Swings and slided

Down the slides,

Before she

Betrayed me

But now, we don’t go on strolls

Anymore nor the

Swings are swinged,

Neither the slides

Has weight

On them.

 When I woke up,

I realized it was

A dream and prayed

To God this would
remain as a dream.


As small droplets of

Rain poured, I enjoyed

Every moment of the

Slow drizzling.

Nor any luxurious life

Can be compared to

The beautiful droplets

Of water and this is my opinion.

I jumped upon the

Water puddles

And splashed water

Onto the side as

It is the most

Wonderful thing to me

OH! How beautiful

It is to hear

The precious rain

Ending with the

Droplets of water

Dripping everywhere….


 Book is a dream which you hold in your hand,

Books make us wise,

Books make us intelligent,

Books play an important role in our life.

Books are mysterious;

Some are witty,

Some are scary

And some are funny.

Books are marvelous!

Books are interesting,

Books are wonderful!

Books are magical

And books are the best thing

To make you a genius


Here comes, here comes, Santa Claus,

Here he comes-

With all the presents,

You can imagine

Here comes, here comes, Santa Claus,

Here he comes-

With loads of happiness,

Thou can ever imagine.

Here comes, here comes, Santa Claus,

Here he comes-

With all the joy,

You can ever imagine


Jewels…. Jewels…..

You are the glittering,

Jewel of the nine kingdoms!

Across the great Nile.

Jewels…. Jewels…..

May the Blue Nile

Come upon thee,

Making you feel happy.

Jewels…. Jewels…..

Nor any diamond,

Nor any gem,

But thee are the most

Sparkling jewel to me….

Jewels…Oh! Jewels…..

                                         By Vaishnavi S Hegde

                                          VIII D


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