Shri Krishnaradhana

             “Shri Krishnaradhana” Programme was held in Hongirana campus on August 15th with an aim to develop an awareness of our tradition and the values embedded in the celebrations.
     The programme started with melodious prayer song of lord Krishna. Inauguration was done by the lifting of “Govardhana Giri” by Srikrishna which was enthralling.
      All tiny tots of the school were dressed as Krishna and Radha.  They presented beautiful dances.  3rd standard students performed “Kalingamardhana”, a fusion dance.  4th standard students performed “Kolata” and 5th standard  students   enacted   a skit “Narakasuravadha” which was awesome.
     Mr. U.G. Sathish, the guest of the function addressed the students by saying children should respect the elders and our culture.
    Mr. Prashanth Hegde G.D. who presided over the function said that these kind of celebrations help to develop moral values in children.
     School Principal Mr. Shobha Ravindra, H.Ms of all sections, teachers, parents and students were the spectators of the function. Overall the celebration went on well with enthusiasm and the school campus was filled with music and dance.

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