Teachers Day


If the students are the future of our nation, teachers are the real constructors of that future; if the students are the real assets of the nation, teachers are the real creators of those assets. Hence it is the duty of each individual to salute his/her teachers every day. As it is not possible to do this on a regular basis, we perform the same on 5th of September every year. To make its students to express their sincere gratitude to the teachers, ‘Hongirana’ organized ‘Teachers Day’ with enthusiasm and festivity on 5th September, 2017.

This year with the purpose of felicitating a retired teacher, Mr. S. V. Ravindra, a retired Headmaster who served as a teacher for 32 years was cordially invited and felicitated. After receiving our felicitation he opined, “It is one of the best practices of Hongirana to recognize and to felicitate retired teachers every year”. He even continued his words, “Teaching is a sacred profession.  To meet the demands of the students, the teachers should upgrade themselves by engaged in studies. They must always keep a research mindset to help their students”. As he himself is a living legend in the world of education, his each and every word was motivational to the teachers.

Chief Guest of the occasion was Mr. Satish from Mysore spoke, “Seven colors make the world colorful, seven days make the week beautiful, seven swaras make the music melodious, in the same way seven letters word ‘TEACHER’ makes the life meaningful. So it is our duty to respect all those teachers who made our life meaningful”. He also added that “Mother gives breath, father gives name but it is the teacher who guides us to maintain our name until we keep our breath”. Silence in the auditorium was proof to say that his words were very motivational and they were received by the audience.

In her Presidential remark Mrs. Amrutha Jog spoke about the role of teachers in one’s life. For her, students without teacher would be nothing and their life will remain incomplete. To stress this, point she used some images. She continued by saying that the teachers take their children from known things to unknown things. It always makes the learning easier to the learners. She ended her speech with a melodious song which expressed the teacher’s importance in student’s life.

In the foreword Mrs Ambika Patil, Head of the College section, stressed on the importance of felicitating the teachers. Programme was anchored by Ritesh of 1st PUC, guests were welcomed by Sinchana of 1st PUC and vote of thanks was delivered by Rajani of 2nd PUC.  Programme was started with a prayer song sung by the Choir Group.

After the formal function teachers of the institution performed colorful cultural programmes. It brought the real air of enthusiasm and true mood of festivity among everyone who gathered in the open auditorium.

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