On Account of Dussera celebrations, the residential students got decked up like Dussera idols to make the evening of Vijayadashami a colourful one.  The cultural evening was organized on 30th September 2017.  The fact was that the cultural committee had instructed the students to organize and come up with the programme list just two days before with an intention not to distract them from studies due to exams.  But the students themselves came up with their plan of programmes.  The juniors worked under the guidance of the seniors and made the programme a grand success.

The programme presided by the Warden Mr. Sunil started at around 8pm.  The audiences were the students along with teaching and non teaching residential staff.    Totally it was a commendable organization of programme by the students.


Mrs. Kalpana, a residential teacher says “I was really dumbstruck at their performance.  Being a cultural committee member of Hongirana residential school, I know how it feels when one is asked to perform without any prior notice or sufficient time to practice.  We actually did not reveal them anything about cultural programme till the ‘n’th moment as the committee felt that the students would get distracted and would not perform well in their exams.  To my astonishment within one evening the programme list was in our hands with exact time of each performance.  Student’s performance was really a mind blowing one.  All the senior boys and girls had tried to guide the juniors.  A few programmes were very spontaneous and independent.  Totally it was a wonderful evening and a very memorable Dussera celebration to be precise”.


Akshay Kumar Hegde of Class VIII opined as “It was a wonderful cultural programme.  The cultural activities were theme oriented which made me understand some facts about current burning issues like drugs menace, superstitions and blind beliefs etc. We also had lot of fun as a few programmes were humorous as well.  Totally I would like to appreciate my friends efforts in presenting the show as it went on very well within a short notice, without prior practice”.

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