“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”


To channelize the enthusiasm of the students, a wonderful day long educational trip was organized by the institution on 8th October 2017 with 63 students of Class VII accompanied by 5 escort teachers.


The venue chosen for this was an amazing antiques museum “Amulyashodha” which is located in Lakkinakoppa on the N R Pura Road about 90 Km away from the school campus.


The founder of the museum Mr. Khandobha Rao is a retired history lecturer of Shimoga.  He has a great passion towards collection of unique and traditional ancient antiques.  The museum is divided into 2 sections “Amulyashodha” and “Nenapu”.  It is housed with great collection of Ravi Varma’s paintings, thousands of ancient coins, musical instruments of various kinds, gramophones, weapons etc.  One could also find pots, pans, sickles and other house hold articles that give a picture of the domestic life of the ancient people.  It was a fascinating sight to see the museum and the progress of man through the ages.


This trip helped the students to develop their personality since social graces and etiquettes are learned by experience.  Moreover, it is important to every student to know about the past history, since it is a part of their curriculum, to acquire more knowledge through actual exposure.  Mr. Kandobha Rao also gave justice through his speech by providing valuable information about the coins and the civilizations that developed in our country.


In the end it must be said that the museum is well worth a visit.  A day spent in it is not a day wasted, but a day utilized in the best possible way is valuable.

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