It was a holiday for school on 5th of October 2017 on account of Bhoomi Hunnime and Valmiki Jayanthi.  In a way it was enthusiastically enjoyed by residential students by playing volleyball and kho kho tournaments.  Students were really able to forget everything as they contributed their best team spirit in the games by exhibiting real sportsman spirit. The budding teachers were the judges of the day.  All the budding teachers associated with residential teachers cheered the players and helped in conducting the games.  The prizes were sponsored by the budding teacher Mr. Pradeep from SVYM Mysore (VTTRC) which showed their involvement, love and care towards the students.  Totally the day flew off just like that with wonderful memories.


Budding teacher Ms. Doddamma from SVYM Mysore (VTTRC) opined “It was a new experience for us.  On a festival day playing games and enjoying on the ground was really unique.  We were given responsibility of judging the students performance in Kho Kho and Volleyball games, which was another wonderful experience.  I could observe that the students who were poor in studies exhibited a great show on ground which was really commendable.


Varun T P of Class VIII said that, “I was really scared while playing Volleyball with a strong team.  We tried our best and won second place.  There was a proper guidance provided by the umpire Mr. Ajay.  All our friends and teachers cheered and supported us.  Though I couldn’t reach the net, I made points through my serves, which was really thrilling every time I won a point.  Later we all together watched Kho Kho with my friends and cheered the players.  End of day, we carried good memories in the form of prizes sponsored by Budding teacher Mr. Pradeep”.


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