A day before Vijayadashami was an amazing outing experience for the residential students in Hongirana.  It was a thrilling experience of playing in the water falls called Nipli on the outskirts of Siddapur taluk near Talaguppa.  It was scheduled on 29th of September 2017.

The troupe of 169 students along with the residential teachers as escorts, started off at 10 am and reached the falls by 11.30.  Firstly, the troupe was divided into two groups.   The beautiful part of the backwaters was enjoyed by the first troupe and the other troupe enjoyed a small water fall down the stream. It was the safest place for the children to play in water. And swimmers could venture deep into the backwater; non swimmers could also play without any issues till a safer distance. It was a wonderful place for all the categories including teachers as they could play in water without any hazel.  To sum up it was thoroughly enjoyed by children and all of them reached the campus with a cheerful mood.


Ms. Vinitha, a residential dance teacher opined, “It was a superb and safe place for the children as well as the teachers to play in water.   The backwater of Nipli is an amazing place to enjoy in water because even non-swimmers feel safe there.  People who used to fear waters also enjoyed whole heartedly.  Such outings give children a great relief from their day to day chores and refresh their mind.  Added point to this was that it was immediately after exam which was a great relief for them”.


Gagana Manjula of Class VIII said that, “It was a very good experience as I had never been to such a wonderful place like Nipli before.  It was real fun to play in water with my friends.  It is such a safe place to play that even a non-swimmer could venture in and enjoy thoroughly playing in water independently.  Totally its one of the cherish able moments”.

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