To enlighten our residential students towards our regional language Kannada, an initiative was taken to show them a video about Karnataka Ekikarana, on 5th November 2017 in Multimedia hall.  It was really amazing to know the kind of love the junior students from Class IV to Class VIII had towards Kannada language.

Firstly, at around 10 am, they were shown videos about Karnataka Ekirarana and information about Mr. Gangadhar Rao Deshpande, who was the leader of this revolution.  The motivational video about the culture and heritage, the path of development of Kannada language, historical places of Karnataka, Development of Kannada literature and the videos on great people like Kuvempu, Shivaram Karanth, Maasthi Venkatesh Iyengar, Girish Kaarnad who were awarded the prestigious award “Jnana Peeta” for kannada literature made the students very proud to be a Kannadiga.  There were also patriotic songs played related to Kannada Rajyotsava which enlightened great love towards Kannada language in them.  On this presentation, Class VI students had a quiz; VII & VIII students were given an essay writing competition on the topic “Naanu Kannadiga”.  The prizes for the best essays were declared and were given books as reward.  Totally, all students and in charge teachers felt that it was not a day wasted, but a day utilized in the best possible way towards our regional language development.



A residential teacher Mr. Girish opines “I really felt whether students would be impressed by this programme.  But it was amazing to see a positive response from them. Through their active participation, they made me really proud.  As a language teacher I was totally carried away by the way they expressed their thoughts in the form of essay.  Totally, it was very impressive programme which brought forth their love towards Kannada language.


Apeksha M of Class VIII opines that “I am really proud to be a resident of Karnataka which carries such a rich cultural heritage and history.  Actually I had never got such an opportunity in my previous schools.  The videos shown were greatly motivating and informative.  I felt very privileged to avail such an opportunity and it was thrilling experience to express my feelings in the form of essay and win a prize in the form of book.  Totally, I felt such programmes should be conducted in more numbers so that every student would realize their responsibility in the development of our regional language Kannada.

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