On 12th November 2017, Hongirana residential students enjoyed a dance-drama presented by GILLO On TheGo-a unit of Gillo Gilheri team.  This was a team of around 9 people performing one of the episodes of Ramayan which was titled as Hanuman Ki Ramayan in Hindi.

The students assembled in the Glass house at 3.00pm to watch this amazing show presented by the above said team.  It was greatly astonishing to know that all the junior students from Class IV to VIII could follow the Drama which was presented in Hindi.  The artists were greatly energetic and through their expressions and melodious songs, they had captured our student’s attention amazingly.  Post Dance Drama performance, the students were interacted by the artists to know their takeaways.  The students could answer their questions in Hindi.  Totally the students had a great day and being a second Sunday, their parent’s departure feeling got dissolved within a fraction of second.


Mrs. Jayashree, a residential teacher said that, “I was really in a doubt whether I would be able to understand the language, when I heard that it was in Hindi.  But still because it was a drama I thought may understand by action.  It was really an amazing experience when they started singing and enacting the drama.  I was able to understand every word they uttered as it came along with action. I also got motivated to learn this sweet language, Hindi later.  I was determined to learn by talking with the students wherever possible.  Totally, the show was quite different which motivated me in many ways. Also children spent a valuable interacting time with the troupe”.


Nisarga S of II PUC opines that, “Being second Sunday we felt that we should have spent some more time with parents initially, but once the show started the scenario was different.   It was surprising to know that the drama was in Hindi and I thought most of us wouldn’t understand.  After a few minutes of the show when they started singing along with the drama, then we started enjoying it.  It was a dance drama.  With lot of dramatization in it they made us understand a language that was unknown to us. Most of us were not aware of the story and its theme.  But by the end of the drama, we completely understood the theme and the moral behind it.  Totally, we spent a valuable time with that extraordinary talented troupe”.

Click here to view  the album


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