Maathru Utsava

“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking…”                         Helen Rice

The day that celebrates the essence of a motherhood is Mother’s Day.  Mother’s day is something that everyone can relate to.  People across regions, religions, castes, cultures, genders, financial and political status have emotions binding them to their mothers.

Keeping this bonding emotion in mind, the institution initiated Maathru Utsava at 2.30 pm on 1st day of December 2017, in the Glass House.  The Chief Guest was Mrs Vanishree Chipli.  She is specialized in bio and environmental sciences, fascinated towards protecting environment and also a supportive parent of the institution.  The other dignitaries present were the resource person, Mrs. Sandhya Kaveri, honourable Principal and the President of the programme Mrs. Shobha Ravindra, and the head of the college section, Mrs Ambika Patil.

The Programme commenced with a heart touching song about mother by Ms. Niveditha.  This was followed by an effective foreword by Mrs.  Ambika Patil who touched the base on the significance of mother’s role in a student’s life and also the kind of challenges she has to face in the up-bringing of her ward.   She also shared her personal experience about her ward and reiterated how the holistic education got from the institution has helped him/her in coping up his/her challenges in completing his/her higher education in a city like Bangalore.

Later, the Chief Guest Mrs.  Vanishree, addressed the audience and spoke very emotionally about her experience being mother.  She shared one of the tricky situations that she faced while deciding about her daughter’s career.  She pondered about the kind of help that the institution extended in tackling it.  She appreciated the institution for being focused on the overall development of the child which helps him/her in facing the forthcoming challenges.

Further, the stage was graced by the resource person Mrs. Sandhya Kaveri who firstly congratulated the institution for being awarded the prestigious Atal Tinkering Lab, by the Central Government.  Later, she started with the topic which dealt with handling of adolescent problems and the role of a mother in handling them. Being a social worker, counselor, associated with Kuvempu University as MSW Lecturer and also the principal of Kateel Ashok Pai College, Shivamogga, she elaborately and scientifically dealt with the subject matter.  She explained about the features of adolescent problems like mood swings, peer pleasure, identity crisis, being aloof from the community etc.  She said that the teen-age is very sensitive stage of life where the development of cognitive part of the brain begins.  This leads to lot of disturbances and distractions in the child. Also this is when the cognitive brain functions on the abilities like thinking, reasoning, decision making and problem solving.  20 to 25 years of age is when the child starts to lead a matured way of life.  Till such time the parents are responsible in understanding the child psychology in a scientific way to handle the crises.  This is when a mother especially is expected to extend utmost love and care with lot of patience.  She cautioned the parents assembled there not to have high expectations about the educational performance of their ward by marks as each child is born with a unique talent in him/her.  Instead they should be more focused on the child’s social behaviour, his/her knowledge on life skills along with education.  She also discussed a few live examples where parents getting more obsessed with their prestigious issues in getting their child educated as per their interest and fail to understand the interest of the child.  Later the forum was open for questions related to the topic.  A couple of parents asked suggestions in some peculiar cases from the resource person, who pacified them with her suitable answers. Thus, she gave a call to all mothers who bear lot of responsibility in the psychological development of the child to handle the child with lot of patience, understanding, love and care.  She gave a call to all mothers that they should be vigilant, when the child is given his/her freedom.

This was followed by the presidential remarks of the Principal Mrs. Shobha Ravindra, who reiterated on the issues of being considerable in understanding the child psychology. Expectations always lead to disappointment and most of the time in destruction.  Especially a child should not be measured in terms of marks is what she highlighted in her message to the audience.  Concluding she said freedom always should be accompanied with responsibility.  Then the child will understand the pros and cons of life.

The parents assembled in the programme also had a chance to view their ward’s opinion about them in the form of write-ups hung on the Hall.  Thus the programme was very emotional filled with great zeal and most of the mothers were touched by the programme.  They opined that the programme had helped them in solving most of their wards problems.  It was very educative and was a great eye opener in most of the cases.  The programme got concluded by 4.30pm after the vote of thanks for the audience which made way to the next event of the day.

After this the parents were offered light snacks to get energized for the next programme which was a musical fest for the audience.

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