Accept­­­­–then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it, not against it….. This will miraculously transform your whole life”. – Eckhart Tolle


The third day of Hongiranotsava, 3rd December, 2017 kick started at 10 am with the celebration of Vicharothsava – A platform for contemplation on the burning issue about Learning Problems of 21st Century. The choir group of the institution gave a meaningful beginning with their melodious song.  The delegates who adorned the diaz were Mrs. Archana Bhat, Kallahalla, Lecturer in Mathematics and Anthropology, BMS College, Bangalore, Primary section head Mrs. Kamala Gudigar, Middle Primary section head Mrs. Rajashree, President of Sagar Academy of Education Mr. B V Sureshkumar, Principal Mrs. Shobha Ravindra and Vice- Principal Mr. Aravind Gurjar.


After a warm welcome by Mrs. Mamatha Bhagi, the Chief Guest Mrs. Archana Bhat, started her session expressing her gratitude for being invited for the programme to present contemplation about the problems faced by the 21st century learners. She boosted the morality of the students assembled by interacting with them with utmost love and appreciation.  She termed the assembled audience of students and their parents as mirrors to each other.  She interacted with them separately by eliciting the problems that they face as 21st century learners and tried to solve the problems.  She tackled the sensitive issues like parental expectations v/s child expectations.  She also told the root cause for these issues like peer pressure, level of freedom given by parents and so on.  She asserted that the main reason behind children becoming very skeptical about their capabilities was that the failure of parents in giving them considerable amount of responsibility.  They fail in making their wards dare enough to take up the ownership of the task, be it a failure or success.  She said there is wide range of alternate professions like Scientists, Bio-chemist, etc., prevalent in the current competitive world.  Parents should take a risk in guiding their children to take up alternate professions. Parents also pose a challenge in building the generation gap between their parents and wards.  She expressed her deep hearted wretchedness to say that the children brought up in urban areas lack moral values, self-awareness, maturity, lack of confidence and so on.  This is due to the anxiety in parents.  Hence parents need to build confidence, try invoking humanitarian values and create self-awareness in them.  She also reiterated that children lack self-confidence and become parasites due to all these factors.  Also while planning about career one should be aware of the expectations or dreams v/s reality.  Thus she concluded her talk by guiding them to give utmost importance to body language, choose their profession through SWOT analysis which is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.  With a couple of videos, she showed how a parent has to push the child from the hold of procrastination and work SMART (which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time) on the given tasks.  She also conducted a time bound question answer sessions with the audience, and proved how time bound activities will tense us and make us ineffective.  Later session was open for a few questions from audience.  She answered them effectively and concluded the talk.  Thus Vicharotsava was called to an end by a great exchange of knowledge about how to tackle issue based problem solving of 21st century learners.  Vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Mamatha Bhagi.

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