Hongiranotsava – 2017-18

Hongiranotsava – 2017-18 is an energetic and enthusiastic 3 days programme. The first day of the grand annual fest scheduled as Maathru Utsava, followed by Sangeethotsava, Sugama Sangeetha Programme by a renowned artist in the same evening The second day is scheduled to celebrate as Vijnaanotsava in cherishable memory of the institution being awarded the prestigious Atal Tinkering Lab by the Government of India followed by Vijnana Mela – a science fair in the afternoon and the day gets concluded by Cultural programme by Primary and Higher Primary sections.  The third day is scheduled to celebrate as Vicharotsava in the morning followed by Varshikotsava in the afternoon and Cultural Programme by High School and College sections.  The programme gets concluded by Yakshagana and a musical performance by Swa tantra- a musical Band.

“The stars in the Heavens Sings Music, if only we have ears to hear”    

– Pythagoras

When words fade music speaks. This was proved true in the Musical Evening called Sangeethotsava at Hongirana.  The musical journey for the day started at 6pm on 1st December 2017.  Music is such a wonder which can capture the heart of any living creature on earth.  Human is more prone to this effect.  The Sapthaswaras of Music have the magic of creating wonders and divinity.  Such divine flow of music from heaven was delivered on the occasion of Sangeethotsava, a part of Hongiranotsava 2017-18 which was also an extended part of Musical programme of the institution called “Ninaada”

Mr Vijeth addressed the audience and took us through the programme by introducing the musical magician.  The magician who took us to the world of music is none other than Mr. Vinay Nadig, alumni of Navodaya Institution.  Music being his passion, he learnt Carnatic and Hindustaani music from Vidwan “Hoskote Manjunath” and currently into giving innumerous concerts.  He was accompanied by another melodious singer and one of the Alumni of the institution, Ms. Apoorva along with Mr. Ramesh on flute, Mr. Sangeeth Thomas on keyboard, Mr. Vitthal Rangadhol on rhythm pad and Mr. Pradyumna on Tabla.  They poured heavenly music into the audience assembled for the evening and made their day.  The audience also suitably encouraged the singers by their rounds of applause.  The troupe sang famous musical poetries written by the national poet Kuvempu, folk songs, a few songs chosen from Vachanaamrutha and many more which totally mesmerized the assembled music lovers.  Thus, the musical evening got concluded with the national song “Vande Mataram” and all the audience returned to their residence with all sweet memories of the day, awaiting for another wonderful celebration to come.

Day 2 – 2nd December, 2017

After the daylong celebration of the glory of science and its unbounded feats on 2nd December, 2017, it was now time for a colourful evening.  The stage was adorned by a series of cultural programmes from tiny tots of primary section to the teens of middle section.

The primary tots started their evening with a theme called Badukina Payana which means journey of life.  The entire play was woven around the life journey of a grandmother. The main attractions of their performances were Charlie Chaplin Dance, Bharatanatyam, Patriotic dance, Huli Vesha and many more which enthralled the spectators with a magic.  Their programme ended with a patriotic dance highlighting the sacrifices of the soldiers for which there was a standing ovation given by the audience.

Later, the stage was handed over to the teens of Middle primary which was themed as “Maagiya Parva”.  The teens showed the richness of culture and heritage of the nation through various dance forms of the nation right from Garbha dance of North to Onam dance of south as well as western dance form hip hop.  The main attractions were the folk forms of Karnataka like veeragase, karagada kunitha, pata kunitha and so on which received a great round of applause.  Thus the colourful second day of Hongiranotsava concluded with National song “Vande Matharam” and left the audience with another day’s enchanted ecstasy.

Day 3 – 3rd December, 2017


Hongiranotsava – 2017-18 is at its verge of celebration.  Being the last evening of the Hongiranotsava, the institution decided to make it more musical as music is divinity in itself.  Hence Hongirana witnessed another musical event as a part of Ninaada.  The musical evening was hosted by a musical youth band called Swa-Tantra from Bengaluru, which comprised of 7 percussion artists.  The music was blended with melodious voice which mesmerized the audience to the core and the audience who were music lovers applauded them suitably and tapped their feet to the music.


There is a famous quote by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which reads as “Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit”.  This is the actual intention behind every cultural programme of the institution.  Along with this there will be a great learning end of the day.  This time, the high school section chose the Journey of Indian Cinema as its theme for the last day of Hongiranotsava-2017-18 cultural evening.  It’s a known fact that Cinema is one of the most well known media of entertainment.  Most of us are unaware of its fascinating growth right from its journey as first silent movie to its current digital cinema technology.  Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, they have their own legacy.  The specialty was that the students themselves choreographed their dances without seeking any help from the resources outside.  The only assistance was from their teachers that they availed to accomplish their task.  Students performed various dance forms like Bharathanaatyam, folk, tribal, Contemporary, Yakshagana and so on.  Totally it was one of the mind blowing shows which trans-located us into a different era for some time.  The audience cheered and applauded the performances thereby encouraging the performers.  The thrilled audience was amazed to watch the journey of the cinema.


Post this amazing programme, the PU students enthralled us with their Patriotic show.  India is a rich country with diversity in caste, creed and religion.  The foreigners were lured by the prosperity, rich culture and heritage of our country.  Slowly who came for trade purpose started to literally loot our resources and ruined our rich culture and heritage.  This part of the history was beautifully illustrated by the students of PU with their amazing dramatization and narration.  Later, this was followed by the freedom struggle plot and especially the story of the brave freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was the main attraction for the day.  The play later depicted how such hard earned freedom slowly lost its glory just because the youngsters of the present generation got attracted to the western culture more than required and started to destroy our cultural heritage.  The further skit depicted this process which was causing deterioration of our ancient glory which passed an urgent message to the youngsters to head towards protecting our culture.  Totally the show of PU students was successful in creating awareness in the audience about the social and cultural crises and highlighted patriotism.


After this inspiring patriotic historic melodrama, the stage got decked for a mesmerizing Yakshagaana show.  The show was led by dedicated and well known Yakshagaana patronize Bhagawat, Mr. Prashanth Madhyasta and famous Yakshagaana Guru Mr. Ganapathi Bhat.  They both had trained the students of Class VI to PU since a week’s time about three different episodes of the great epic Mahabharatha.  They were Kamsa Vadha, Kalayavana Vadha and Panchajanya Vadha.


Kamsa Vadha is an episode which was amazingly performed by students about the tale of maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, Kamsa.  He was later killed by his own nephew Lord Krishna for being very cruel towards his own sister, Devaki and brother-in-law Vasudev and parents of Lord Krishna.  He indulged himself in such cruelty as he heard a celestial announcement that he would be killed by the 8th child of his sister.  The audience was spell-bound and applauded the performers and encouraged them.


This was followed by another episode Kalayavana Vadha, which is a tale of how Muchukunda under the guidance and tactics of Lord Krishna killed Kalayavana for the betterment of the world.  Kalayavana is another mythological character who had power to burn any person whom he saw.  It was followed by the story of Paanchajanya Vadha.

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