Trip to Yana

On 4th January, we started our journey around 8 o’clock with the 2nd Pu students. The outgoing batch was excited & thrilled as it was their last outing in this college.
We reached Yana, around 11.30am The road to reach Yana was sloppy and with lots of turns and curves. It is a place of unmatched natural beauty and tranquility. Well known for unusual rock formation, Yana echoes its past glories. It has its own history, myth and belief that had made the place blessed by God. It offers a spectacular scenic beauty, lofty mountains, splendid rock formations and a holy temple.
The awesome peak of black crystalline limestone jutting out vertically into the sky towering above the dense forest in the Western Ghats of Uttar Kannada. The two peaks are named as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara.
We had to walk around 2 to 3 kms to reach the cave. Walking amidst the greenery gave a different experience to the students. There was a silence all around which was broken by the loud long sounds of students.
All our strains were drained off when we explored the magnificent architecture of Mother Nature where a huge rock got transformed into a cave. We were surprised to see the numerous bee hives lying underside of the peaks.
After having food which we had taken we started our journey to Vibhuti falls around 9 kilometers from Yana. From the parking place we had to walk around 1 kilometer to reach the falls. The walk itself was so beautiful. We could hear the babbling sound of the waterfall from the distance itself. Amidst the dense forest, the mesmerizing water falls is surrounded by huge rocks. The water flow in steps here. Students enjoyed a lot here. They swam in the cold clear water. They climbed the rocks in water. Even those who didn’t know to swim could enjoy as the water wasn’t deep. After spending more than an hour we moved back to our bus with abundant sweet memories with us. Undoubtedly everyone got everlasting memories in this trip which they could cherish throughout their life.

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