“Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.” –                                                                                                             Lorraine Anderson

 The institution believes in the above quote and so it organizes camps for all the levels of students enabling the students to learn more from Mother Nature.  To enrich the learning in students of Class VIII, an overnight adventurous camp was arranged on 4th and 5th of January 2018 on the bank of back water of River Sharavathi near a hamlet called Kippadi. 

 A throng of 108 students along with 10 escort teachers left the campus at 10 am on 4th January 2018 and reached the campsite by 11 am.  Mr. Ganganna the organizer of the adventurous camp led us to the campsite and started the adventurous activities after dividing the entire troop into 4 groups.  Then the first two groups were allowed for water activities equipped with life jackets.  The non-swimmers also felt really confident enough and thoroughly enjoyed swimming.  The other two groups were engaged in fun games which entertained them to the core.  They felt that the time was flying and in no time it was time for Lunch.  All had the food and again there was a swap of other two groups for swimming.  Later Mr. Ganganna and his associates taught the children to make their own shelters.  Thus students got exposure to make their own shelters.

Later, Mr. Manjunath Jedikuni, took us to the world of stars in Sky Watching programme.  He made star gazing so interesting through his laser light that every student present there determined to watch the sky regularly.  He was a great resource of study of heavenly bodies.  Post this, after sumptuous dinner, it was time for Co-curricular activities.  The campfire was lit and in the light of the campfire, a series of cultural programme was performed like skit, dance, songs etc., which had a theme in it.  It was amazing to see even Mr. Ganganna had composed a few poems which he read it out for the students.  Later they retired to their respective shelters.

In the early wee hours of 5th January 2018, the students finished their morning chores and got ready for Scout and Guide activities like BP 6 exercises and action song under the able guidance of Mr. Vasudev Gond, the PET teacher.  After singing national anthem, a silent time was observed by students in the calmness of bountiful and peaceful nature. It was breakfast time later, post this, the students trekked till the adjoining main road, and traveled till the adventurous campsite.  There, the students who were to participate in Zilla Pursakar of Scout and Guides sang the All faith prayer very melodiously.  Post this they had a splendid time enjoying the adventurous rope climbing activity followed by treasure hunt game.  The students later had their lunch and winded up the overnight adventurous camp with a lot of learning and cherishable memories.  Totally, it was a thrilling experience to the students where they learnt lot of life skills which resulted in overall development.  This experience will take them long way in their life.

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