“An invaluable step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual”                                                                           by Lord Baden Powell

To inculcate discipline and responsibility in the students of Class VII, a Scout and Guide overnight camp was being organized on 27th & 28th December 2017 in a lush green marvelous village Malallikoppa, Sagar.  The camp was put up in the premises of a very co-operative, cultured and supportive parent of our Institution, Mr. Narendra Gowda of Malallikoppa.

The energetic troop of 70 students along with company leader Mrs. Mamatha Bhagi, Troop leaders Mr. Vasudev Gond and Mr. Girish associated with Mr. Sadiq, Mr. Megharaj and Mrs. Mangala Javagal left the campus at 10 am and reached the camp site by 10.30 am.  The programme for the day was initiated by Flag Hoisting.  Post this, the plan for the day was discussed along with the students.  This was followed by a presentation of a couple of students about the history of Scout and Guide movement.  Mrs. Mamatha Bhagi, later conducted a session on Compass, its parts and its various usages.  They were later made engrossed in a very innovative game which sensitized all the five sense organs of the students.  This was enjoyed by the students thoroughly and made them enthusiastic for the programme that was lined up for the rest of the day.

In the noon, before Lunch break, basic knotting skills were taught patrol-wise.  Post this, a sumptuous lunch was served to the students who relished it whole heartedly.  Later, they were taught about lashing skills and allowed to build Tents.   Soon after this, they showed their talent in cooking without fire.  The students enthusiastically took part in it and they shared the dishes amongst themselves after the teachers judged their skills by allotting marks judiciously.  At around 5.30 pm the flag was lowered and they were permitted to practice for cultural programme in the evening.

At 7 pm, a series of cultural programme was lined up.  The delegates were Mr. Mohan Gowda, father and head of the family of Mr. Narendra Gowda, Mr. Srinivas Udupa, President of Gramapanchayath, the honourable Principal of the institution, Mrs. Shobha Ravindra, and Mrs.  Rajashree , the Head Mistress of the middle section.  The inauguration for the camp fire was done by delegates by lighting the camp fire.  A song on the god of fire “Agni” was taught by middle section HM Mrs.   Rajashree.  This was followed by a series of colourful cultural programme which adorned the evening with full of bliss of entertainment.   The Guests honoured the students of scout and guide with certificates by appreciating them for their achievement.  They also commended the institution for its initiative in bringing up such programmes which are valuable for the students in their overall development.  Finally the students were served mouth watering dishes along with Jalebi.  The day was concluded after a thrilling moon walk and students went to bed with a great learning for the day.

The next day on 28th a cheerful morning began with BP six exercises.  The students recited All faith prayer and later were engaged in Flag procedure followed by kit inspection. The students were trained on the wood craft signs, whistle signals and hand signals by Mr. Vasudev Gond and Mrs. Mamatha Bhagi.  They also trained them on maping skills which are very useful for them in trekking.  Then they set out for an adventurous trekking for 2 hours by facing the ordeals of the path with great enthusiasm.  They returned back from trekking and cleaned the premises as a part of social responsibility followed by lunch.    Totally, the students successfully returned from the camp with a good amount of hands on experience about life skills.

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