Kinnara Mela, a theatre troupe working mainly on children’s theatre from Tumari, was here to entertain and educate the residential children on 16th December 2017.  They gave a wonderful performance of their drama Adalu Badalu, designed and directed by Mr. K G Krishnamurthy, in the auditorium of the institution, at  Being Saturday, all the residential students sat back and enjoyed the heart touching drama based on the story of a mother and a child very calmly.

The students assembled in the auditorium at 6 pm. The story of the drama was all about a mother who was unaware of her child getting exchanged with one of the giant’s child, under some far-reaching circumstances unknowingly carries it home.  Later, the actual fact gets revealed to her.  But still she accepts the child as her own as she feels that after all a child is a child and tries to fulfill the necessities of the giant child’s needs with utmost love and care despite facing innumerous difficulties from her family and society. It was a stunning performance of the artists which made the audience dumb stuck for 2 hours.  It was a superb show which depicted mother’s great, fathomless love towards her child.  Totally, the students could get connected with the theme of the drama and very soon were literally into tears realizing mother’s true love.


Mrs. Jayshree, a residential teacher said, “The acting skills of the artists were really commendable as they were actually into the role.  Mother’s love was highlighted and I felt each one of us should be really grateful for it after watching this drama.  It was about how mother accepts and loves the child which was accidentally exchanged with that of a giant one despite the child being very ugly and unusual because it was born to a giant.  Totally it was an amazing show which entertained the students positively”.


Deepak N D of Class VIII said, “It was a life time experience to watch such a touching drama which had an extraordinary theme in it.  It touched me so much that I literally went into tears and could feel my mother’s love in it.  Drama artists’ acting was superb and also was an inspiration to all of us.  Totally, we enjoyed it to a great extent”.


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