On 17th of December 2017, a motivational talk by Mr. Sandeep Shetty was organized for residential senior students from class IX to PUC.  This was conducted at 10 am in the Digi Hall.  The main highlights of the motivational talk were about trust, love towards one’s own self and to the society, loyalty and techniques of molding one’s own self into a special and resourceful human being.  These ideals were showed to them in the form of a movie “Hacchi, the dog”.  This was a touching movie about a dog which is remembered even now for its remarkable loyalty to his owner for whom he continued to wait in vain for over nine years following his death.  Here Mr. Sandeep tried to convey to the students that they are responsible for their own life as nobody will come to their rescue when time comes, neither parents, nor friends and relatives.   One has to learn to live a unique life for himself and only then he can lead a special life and be a resource to the nation.  To conclude, it was a unique session which highlighted how important it is to live for ourselves first.  So one has to be focused on one’s own interest and goal and try to work towards it.  The Students main take away would be critical thinking about one’s own self which ultimately leads to his progress.


Mrs. Jayashree felt “Mr. Sandeep was able to cover lot of ideals of life in a single movie.  By just asking them to answer a few questions in the beginning he elicited the current status of mind of the students.  Later, after showing the movie, he was successful in eliciting different way of thinking form the students for the same given question. One is accountable to one’s own life. Here, I would highlight that his talk resulted in critical thinking among students which is very much required for current generation.  Totally, the students went into tears by the end of the show and could understand how important it is for them to mould their own life”.


Deepthi Y N of Class IX opined, “It was a very emotionally motivating session about bondage of love and trust that we got from Sandeep Sir through this session.  The movie of the dog “Hacchi, the dog” made us totally engrossed about the concept of loyalty and trust.  It showed us how if one loses somebody whom he or she loved in life, they lose interest in the rest of the world.  Hence one has to lead a life for oneself by being focused on the set goals.  They should never think of doing something for the sake of parents or somebody else.  The movie also highlights how materialistic world is when compared to the loyalty and love of the dog towards its owner.  To conclude, it was a very emotional experience which leads us to think critically and be focused on the goals as it is set for one’s own good and not for the sake of others.”


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