“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously”                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

This was the message passed on to the residential students of Hongirana by all teachers on the eve of New Year.  After having a sumptuous dinner the students assembled for the New Year bash which was scheduled for the evening on 31st December 2017, the last day of the year.

The students were instructed by cultural committee to come up with their own plans for the celebration and they were allotted some time to practice for a few cultural programmes to make the evening colourful.  All the students from juniors to seniors came up with a wide range of programme with a theme in every performance.

The evening bash started at 10 pm.  The masters of the ceremony were students from II PU.  The programme list comprised of a humorous skit about Modern Ramayana, Ramp walk by II PU students, around 5 to 6 dance performances from junior girls and boys, solo songs and so on.  A couple of residential teachers, Ms. Nivedita, Mrs. Mamatha, Mrs. Vani and Mrs. Kalpana sang melodious songs which had a message in it.  A dance was also performed by residential teachers to entertain students. The students enjoyed them whole heartedly and cheered the performers.  A couple of teachers also gave a speech about how they have to accept the New Year with a new resolution. Shruthi and Sujaya, residential math teachers gave wonderful thoughts by quoting some examples of unusual behavioural birds like Swan which separates milk from water and Pheonix bird which gains rebirth even after death and Jasmine also grows both in any given condition, be it dirt or even in the garden, but still the fragrance is the same.  This motivated students greatly.  Exactly at 12.00 am, the January 1st 2018, the students and the teachers wished each other.  There was a dance performance with a patriotic theme that was performed post 12.00 am which was a good start of New Year.  Post this, the camp fire was lit and students along with teachers had a great merry time and welcomed the New Year with a grand posh.  Totally students enjoyed the New Year eve in utmost grandeur and retired to their dormitories with cherishable memories of the day.


Residential Math teacher Miss Shruthi said that, “This is a unique experience for me and I felt as if I am celebrating with a very big family.  It was really so meaningful and unique which was memorable.  I wouldn’t have enjoyed so much with my family.  I felt Kabadi dance was one of the most creative one.  Camp fire experience was awesome.  The cultural programmes were extremely good and commendable because in spite of time constraint, the students and teachers gave their best to entertain one another.  Totally I am proud to be a part of one of such big families”.


Pavan K K of Class VIII opined that, “I was really happy about the celebration, Vasudev Sir, in his speech, said that we need to welcome New Year in a good spirit and concentrate on forth coming exams.  Shruthi Miss and Sujaya Miss gave wonderful thoughts by quoting some examples of unusual birds like Swan and pheonix and said we should take positive behaviours from those creatures.  First PU brothers performed a wonderful dance which made us enjoy to the heart’s content.  Fashion show was also amazing as Sunil Sir and Adarsh Sir also took part in the Ramp walk, we were so happy.  Modern Ramayana from IX boys was hilarious.  Fire camp was an amazing experience; we felt that if we were at home we wouldn’t have celebrated in such a grand and posh manner.  The anchoring was really good.   Rithesh, our classmate proved that nothing is impossible if we make up our mind, by making all 30 boys to appear on stage to celebrate New Year bash in spite of time constraint to practices. Totally, we felt our teachers Kalpana madam, Vani madam and Mamatha madam gave meaningful messages through their melodious songs which made us realize that we should welcome New Year in a spirited manner and make up our mind to be focused on studies.


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