The residential students celebrated the first Hindu festival of the year, Sankranti in a meaningful and memorable manner on 15th of January 2018.  The students were escorted to Neelakanteshwara temple in Honnesara, where they spent religiously some time singing devotional songs on Lord Shiva.

The students got ready by 10 am and walked till the temple which was around 5 km from the school campus.  It was a kind of nature walk for them as the temple was amidst some areca nut plantations.  In between they got refreshments from one of the Primary school teachers Ms.  Arpita’s residence and reached temple by 11 am.  After paying due reverence to god, they seated in the verandah of the temple and exhibited their singing talents.  The escort teachers also took part in singing bhajans.  Later, the students were taken to one of the supportive parents Mr. Venkatagiri’s house.  Meanwhile delicious festive dishes from the institution landed and all of them had lunch to their heart’s content happily and left the place with utmost joy.  They reached the campus by 3 pm.  Totally it was one of the meaningful celebrations of Sankranti which can be remembered for ever.


Mr. Adarsh, a residential teacher said that, “It was totally a different experience as usually we used to celebrate festival at home with family in a monotonous way.  But to celebrate festival with children, going to temple with them and singing bhajans with them was amazing experience.  The students really felt very homely when they had their lunch at Mr. Venkatagiri’s house.  The hospitality they received in their house was such that they literally could remember their household environment.  Totally it was a new experience that I have ever had at Hongirana”.


Deepak J C of Class VIII said that, “We actually didn’t know which temple we were escorted to.  After breakfast, at around 10 am we started walking and then got to know that we would be taken to one of the ancient Neelakanteshwara’s temple which was put up in the middle of greenery.  It was amazing to see one of the stones having Lord Ganapathi’s face when we held it with both of our palms.  Later, we all sat together and followed bhajans which were being sung by our teachers.  After watching us singing, the other people who came to temple also sang melodious songs.  Totally, we could experience divinity in the temple.  In the afternoon we were taken to one of the supporting parent’s house, where we had our lunch that was supplied from the institution.  The head of the family Venkatagiri uncle showed great hospitality and provided us place to have food they also supplied drinking water and sweets to all of us with utmost love and care.  I felt if I were at home I wouldn’t have enjoyed so much, totally it was a unique experience”.

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