Visit to Muttala

Modern education system draws the criticism that ‘it is not supportive for the all-round development of the child’. It is true for certain extent too. But being a school it is not possible to change the whole education system but surely it can change the method of imparting the education. With this belief ‘Hongirana’ always tries to reduce the shortcomings of the system and helps its kids to ‘get the best’ in their childhood days. As a part of this ideology, Hongirana High school section arranged one day cultural visit to a village “Muttala”.

“Aims and Objectives”

  • To give the opportunity to explore village life and be part of it.
  • To improve the verbal/linguistic, interpersonal, intra-personal intelligence of the students.
  • To develop the aesthetic sensibility towards folk art forms.
  • To break the shackles of classroom teaching.
  • To create the sense of responsibility, belongingness and oneness among the students who can create the same in society.
  • To develop mutual understanding among the students.

With these aims and objectives, students were taken to “Muttala”. It’s a village of nearly 50 houses in Hosanagara Taluk.  Pottery was their family profession. As the demand for earthen vessels hit the ground, they moved towards agriculture. But still it maintained the typical village culture and most of the modern facilities are yet to be entered. Here our kids did a survey on their socio-economical, political and cultural background. They visited all the families and had one to one interaction and collected data. In true sense it helped them to know the life style of those people and to understand the difficulties of village life when it is away from all the modern equipments.

In the evening, they witnessed a well organized cultural exchange programme where our kids performed some dances that belonged to modern genre where as the village artists exhibited a number of folk forms like ‘Gigi Pada’, ‘Kolata’, ‘Suggi Kunita’ and ‘Lavani Pada’. This programme was in total both educative as well as entertaining in nature.

In the morning, before going to ‘Muttala’ the students were taken to ‘Shri Sai Ashrama, Koduru’. There they attended a session by Mrs. Prathima  who is a well known folk artist. She engaged the students for two hours by presenting ‘Hari Katha’ on ‘Ramayana’. Here she linked certain incidents of the mythology and the present condition of pupils in a very attractive manner. The students were mesmerized by the analogies that she used. The facial expression of the pupils was a testimony to say that her presentation was reaching their emotions. She covered the issues of over usage of mobiles, emotional imbalance, day dreams etc. and linked them with many incidents of Ramayana. In total, that session gave answer and solutions for many unexpressed problems of our kids.

Students’ opinion:

Majority of the students said, “This was a great opportunity for us to learn how to interact with the typical village people. Here we came to know about many crops like groundnut, sugarcane, etc. It opened the world of ‘folk art’. The session of ‘Hari Katha’ helped us to find solution for many study related problems. In total, it was an opportunity to explore many new things out of day to day classroom structure”.

Teachers’ opinion:

Social Science teacher Ms Shalini opined, “Children usually think all the facilities that they enjoy are common to everyone in the world. But after seeing the village ‘Muttala’ they got the real picture”.

Kannada teacher Mr. Sunil opined, “As our syllabus gives some theoretical aspects of folk forms, today they experienced the practical face of the same in ‘Muttala’. It will surely enhance their knowledge on the richness of ‘folk art’”.

Finally, all these expressions helped to conclude that, the aims and objectives which were set before taking the students to this educational trip were fulfilled.


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