Drama workshop


Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I may remember

Involve me and I learn.


Drama is an art form and a powerful pedagogical tool. It is an established fact that student’s academic success is proportional to their problem solving skills. Yet the frequent use of drama in cross curricular context helps the students to improve their studies with life skills. It takes the stress out from the learning situation. Fun and high participation leads to learn things practically.

Hence, Hongirana middle section had organised a Kannada text based drama workshop for the students of class VI from January 20th to Feb 4th, 2018.

The 15 days drama workshop was designed by 9 facilitators from Kinnaramela, a drama school directed by Shri. K G.Krishnamurty.

The aim was to give the students a deeper understanding of basic drama techniques which can be transferred into other areas of their work and life. It also focused on building confidence and co- operation along with performing skills.

The mind blowing final stage show was witnessed by the teachers, directors of kinnaramela and high authorities of the school.

The aim of the workshop was happily achieved. It helped the participants to stimulate their ideas, thoughts, team skills and confidence with a great understanding of human emotions.

Click here to view the album


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